Partnering with Twinkl – 6 months in

Learning Ladders Twinkl partnership

It’s hard to believe the Learning Ladders and Twinkl partnership was announced 6 months ago already, with Learning Ladders joining the residents at Twinkl Hive and Twinkl’s COO joining the Board at Learning Ladders.

The partnership was a clear fit right from the start: two mission-focussed and teacher-founded companies whose products would clearly compliment each other, but also who’s cultures and beliefs could hardly be more similar. 

The first thing that has struck me since Learning Ladders and Twinkl started working together, which you just don’t appreciate from the outside, is the sheer scale and relentless focus of everything they do. 

This is a company who last year alone recruited 200 new staff, gave away free memberships to over 1 million users worldwide, and who have had 179 million visits to their website in the last 12 months. 

Yet speaking with anyone who works there there is no arrogance, no overbearing commercial agenda, no dilution of their stated focus upon ‘helping those who teach’. The mission is genuine, and the focus to achieve it does drive every decision.

We’ve worked especially closely with their customer services team, looking to improve our processes for existing members, and with their website team, helping us relaunch the new Learning Ladders website. Both have been amazing.

So what’s next?

Next up is content. Imagine a deeper integration between Learning Ladders and Twinkl, connecting Twinkl content and Learning Ladders curriculum design, implementation, assessment and sharing tools!  

Being able to effortlessly find, share and track the exact best Twinkl resource for every lesson, every student, every parent, at exactly the right time, all within the same platform that already enables teachers to plan individual learning for each student, identify gaps and monitor progress. 

No more weekends searching for resources to differentiate lessons. No more re-inventing the wheel, or spending a fortune buying individual resources from sharing sites.

We’ll be testing this with our members shortly, so watch out for newsletter updates and get involved.

All of this is part of Learning Ladder’s mission to ‘create better learning conversations’ in class, in the staffroom and at home.

The team at Learning Ladders have already recommended Twinkl Hive to our friends at TeacherTapp and ParentPing. If anyone else would like to know more about it do contact me.

I can’t wait for the next 6 months.

Learning Ladders Twinkl partnership

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