Harness the Power of Science! All 700 Developing Experts Science Lessons Are Now in Learning Ladders

What does science teaching look like at your school? Do you have a scheme of work? Or are you looking for high-quality resources which match the curriculum and provide the right amount of support and challenge for your pupils, and yourself?

We understand how challenging it can be to find exactly the right resource to meet the needs of all of your pupils.

Teachers are spending hours of their precious personal time scouring the internet, looking for something that fits in with their school curriculum. It is something that has been accepted as just part of teacher workload. We don’t think that’s the best use of teacher time, so we’ve decided to do something about it. 

We’ve teamed up with Developing Experts to offer a huge array of teaching materials, all accessed from within our platform, to support you with teaching science to children age 4-14!

Developing Experts entire library of award-winning science lessons are now part of Learning Ladders ‘Curriculum Lab’ function, which enables teachers to find the very best teaching materials exactly when they need them, whatever curriculum they are teaching.

More than 700 Developing Experts science lessons, each featuring experts from universities and industry, stunning videos, hands-on activities and lesson quizzes, are now freely available to find and use within Learning Ladders.

This adds to the 10,000+ curriculum-aligned resources already available in Learning Ladders’ Curriculum Lab, from providers including BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy. (Please note BBC and Oak resources are only available to UK based schools.) 

Commenting on the partnership Learning Ladders founder Matt Koster-Marcon said:

“I was blown away by the quality of the Developing Experts resources when I first saw them, and so I’m really delighted that Sarah and her team have chosen Learning Ladders to partner with. This is a game-changer for non-specialist teachers to be able to deliver and share outstanding teaching and learning across their entire science curriculum, aligned to their existing planning and assessment structures, all within a single platform.”


Find your perfect resource within minutes without ever having to leave the platform. 

All part of our mission to #Save Your Sundays 



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