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Changing the game

Learning Ladders was founded by a teacher who was fed up with using poor tracking systems for school data, and who also saw the need for parents to be better informed about their children’s learning at school.
Why not solve both problems at once?
Why not have a great assessment platform that creates a ‘multiplier’ effect with data, automating other tasks to give teachers back precious time. Then combine this with a parent portal to keep parents informed and engaged without adding to teacher workload?

Who we work with

The new way to assess

Traditionally assessment data and parental engagement are siloed into different processes, teams, and budgets – but why not bring them together?

Surely live data about the exact things your child is learning, and what they need help with, is what parents need to know?

What if one platform could be used not only to design, manage and report upon your school’s specific assessment frameworks, but then use this data to inform parents, automatically and in-the-moment.

Welcome to Learning Ladders

Students, parents and teachers.
Better connected.

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