What our Schools say

“The gap analysis tool is really powerful when determining where students are strong and how to further develop areas that they may be struggling with. It takes the headache of going through each standard to determine students, class, and school needs to being readily available in short amount of time. From there, teachers can be effective with planning meaningful instruction, while leaders can use it to analyze the direction of their school and planning the next steps.”

Vice Principal

Diyar Private Academy – Dibba Girls

“It was extremely important to us for the new assessment software to have the capacity to be customised in order to meet our specific needs. Our school’s assessment systems and the language we use are already well established, and we did not want to have to amend these to fit with the software. Fortunately, Learning Ladders has allowed us to tailor these aspects completely to reflect our existing assessment procedures.”

Deputy / Assistant Headteacher

British School of Bucharest

“The Learning Ladders Early Years platform has been a game-changer for our school. The ability to personalise the platform to our specific needs has allowed us to create a tailored learning experience for our students. The platform’s flexibility and customisation options have made it an invaluable tool in supporting our students’ growth and development.”

Head of Primary

Cairo English School

“It used to be a nightmare gathering all the reports and reviewing before sending them off. The volume of reports sent via email was enormous and difficult to manage. Learning ladders has solved these problems as teachers can now work on a learner’s report whilst making it easier to review before signing it off. Being able to collaborate, write and review reports on one platform has been amazing and less stressful to manage.”


British International School & Montessori Education Freetown

“The process of generating the reports on learning ladders was really smooth. Parents appreciated the detailed report they have received because it gave them an idea about their child’s achievements and next steps in every area.”

Head of EYFS

Al Salam Private School

“As a new school, we were incredibly impressed by the level of support we received from the Learning Ladders team. From the initial implementation to the assistance with our first term report card, the support was truly remarkable. We are grateful to the entire team and eagerly anticipate future collaboration.”

ICT Lead

Arcadia Global School

“As a school that has many bilingual children and parents and above average percentage of English as an additional language, we have found that Learning Ladders’ ability to translate all our assessments and articles into all languages very valuable. Learning Ladders at home has allowed us to report to parents without any language barriers and communication between school and home about education achievements has improved without any additional teacher workload.”

Assessment Lead

St Margaret’s CEVAP School

“We love Ladders at Home for the 24/7 access parents have, to detailed information regarding their child’s learning, and educational articles of how to help their child at home, strengthening the school~parent~child partnership.”

Head of Junior Schools

Wellington College Tianjin

“Since using Learning Ladders teachers at all levels have been analysing trends in student achievement and using this information to adjust their teaching. We have noticed an upward trend in our children’s attainment in the GL Progress Tests and more children are exceeding their expected targets. The interface helps leaders at all levels to quickly identify and address any gaps in understanding.”

Head of School

RAK Academy Al Rams

“Learning Ladders has transformed how we share real-time progress updates with parents, and the feature to translate these into home languages has been extremely popular among our parent community. This has facilitated more meaningful conversations about student academic performance.”

Primary Vice Principal

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

“We have found the Gap Analysis incredibly valuable to inform future planning and to ensure full curriculum coverage. It provides a powerful tool allowing SLT, Curriculum Leads and Phase Leaders to find strengths and weaknesses within each curriculum area. In particular, the pie charts provide a clear picture of student progress and any areas that need addressing. Staff now use it to improve teaching and raise the standards for every child.”

Deputy Head

King Henry XIII College Malaysia

“Our focus on optimal development for our younger students is supported fully by the Learning Ladders platform. Being able to customise our Learning Ladder rings so that they align with our development goals for our students is very valuable. Our teachers are able to efficiently record observations and upload evidence to ensure continuous assessment is meaningful in tracking progress. The ‘insights’ function support the use of data resourcefully. Having an effective tool like this supports our mission of providing meaningful and enriching learning for our young students development.”

Deputy Head of Primary

GEMS Winchester Private School – Fujairah


“Learning Ladders has been incredibly useful in aiding our assessment and tracking procedures. It has allowed us to better identify gaps in learning, areas of strength and longer-term trends, and to plan accordingly for these. The flexibility of the software has allowed us to continue to refine our bespoke curriculum, rather than fit in with any pre-determined structures, and has ensured our assessment procedures remain appropriate to our context. Teachers find Learning Ladders easy and quick to use, and the buy in from staff has been excellent.”

Assistant Head of Lower School (Pre-Prep)

Harrow International School Bangkok

“Since implementing Learning Ladders, we have seen a great buy-in from all staff. The platform is well-designed, intuitive, and provides a comprehensive range of educational resources. The program’s personalized approach to learning, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it an ideal choice for teachers. Learning Ladders is an outstanding tool that enables students to learn, grow, and develop in a fun and engaging way.”

Assistant Principal

Ranches Primary School