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“What parents do with their children at home is much more significant than any other factor open to educational influence” (Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003).

This is also our firm belief.

So, we remove the barriers for parents to help their children learn.

Our own research also shows that parents want to know what their children are learning and why.

But, to get parents involved in their children’s learning and to support them at a granular level has traditionally been hard to do at scale. It also has to be part of a whole school approach, not just an add-on.

So, we developed the Parent Portal.

It’s designed to help you:

Parents can easily set up Learning Ladders at home. Each school can also customise the parent’s experience.

Enable homework, share evidence in a Portfolio and share your termly or end of year Pupil Reports with parents.

Get full visibility and ownership of the parent portal. Learning Ladders is connected to a school’s MIS system, easily pulling parent data into the system. Schools have control to invite or remove parents and see when parents last logged in.

Easy and effective way to engage parents through our responsive and thorough support.

Who is this Feature for?

  • Parents  
  • Teachers
Karen Edwards
Headteacher, The Heights Primary School
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As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centered, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals.

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