Software Features

Your curriculum, in any language

Every school is unique, with their own unique curriculum.

Your Learning Ladders system will be quickly, and easily, set up to mirror your own curriculum. And can be changed as you grow.

No workarounds, no compromises, no expensive setup.

Your curriculum won’t simply be a tick list for us to work through.
We’ll make sure to:

Our own award-winning curriculum frameworks

Are available ‘off the shelf’ for all core and foundation subjects, plus the old and updated curricula for Early Years.

We also have regional curricula, such as the full suite of Arabic, Islamic, Moral and Social Education for UAE schools.

Flexibility at the core

Import your own versions, in a single click, to automatically populate your system.

Use our unique ‘drag and drop’ curriculum sequencing tool to manage your curriculum yourself, no need for technical support or training.

Run parallel curricula, or intervention curricula for some children.

Update your curriculum but retain all your historical data.
Assess some parts of your curriculum differently

Add moderated work, policies, external resources or even curated resources from our partners

Book a consultation and let us show you.

Who is this Feature for?

  • SLT  
  • Teachers
Karen Edwards
Headteacher, The Heights Primary School
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As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centered, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals.

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