Building on the Lessons from Lockdown

It’s vital that we all learn the lessons from lockdown, so it was a great pleasure to share reflections on this theme with Professor Deborah Eyre, founder and CEO at High Performance Learning. The video from the session is below.   In the session we referenced a number of things, and I’ve added links to […]

What is the Common Assessment Framework?

Key Stage 2 English Papers.

What is the Common Assessment Framework for Child Protection?  What does CAF stand for? And, what’s a CAF? The common assessment framework (CAF) is a process used to identify children’s unmet needs and support them. Using the CAF, an assessor works with the child and their parents or carers to understand the issues at hand […]

Best Podcasts for Headteachers and Schools – 2021 Winners

podcast and mic

Podcasts are a great resource for headteachers and school staff: you can use them to build your skills, find inspiration for your classroom, and they’re also a great way to unwind with some entertaining chat from your peers. There are so many education podcasts out there, so where is best to start in 2021? We […]

In conversation with Professor Stephen Heppell

Learning Environments It is our absolute pleasure to host Professor Stephen Heppell for our latest Learning Ladders webinar: ‘The world just discovered that learning can be done differently!’ Stephen’s work on learning environments is fascinating. So it is delightful to speak to him again this month having heard him speak a number of times, as […]

The Worst of Times – The Best of Times: Melanie Saunders

A webinar with Melanie Saunders. It is interesting to reflect on how things change – and how they stay the same. Perhaps that is just a consequence of being a long time in the same professional arena. This webinar will explore the opportunities we have, as children begin to return to our classrooms, to let […]

Is it time to change the way we create end of year pupil reports?

As a former primary teacher who spent hours and hours writing end of year pupil reports, I couldn’t be more excited about our new Learning Ladders feature. This was planned anyway, but we’ve pushed launch forward in light of COV19 and the new need to collaborate remotely to create reports, as well as share them […]

Reducing Workload in Your School: 10 Strategies for Leaders

Books, apple, coloured pencils and ABC wooden blocks

By now, it’s common knowledge that many teachers struggle with their workload. The UK government’s teacher workload survey found that teachers and middle leaders work 4.9 hours less in 2019 than they did in 2016. However, 21% reported that workload is still a ‘very serious problem.’ A high workload can have a big impact on your […]

What is summative and formative assessment?: Explained

Can’t tell your summative assessment from your formative assessment? Never fear, our answers about summative and formative assessments are here! What is summative assessment? Summative assessment is an assessment done at the end of a specified period of time. It is to assess a learner’s understanding or attainment. Summative assessment may take the form of […]