Maximising Progress: Best practices for utilising assessment for learning in British International Schools

Photograph of letters - pupil tracker for british international schools

In the dynamic landscape of education, the effective use of assessment for learning serves as a cornerstone for ensuring continuous progress among students. Particularly in British International schools, where diverse curricula and student populations are the norm, especially where students may move on often, employing robust assessment strategies is paramount. With the advent of innovative […]

Replacing Classroom Monitor or Target Tracker

Smiling teacher using Student Progress Tracking Software

A number of schools are telling us that they want to replace Classroom Monitor or Target Tracker this Spring/Summer, and obviously we’d be delighted to support you going forward. We appreciate that change is inconvenient, but if you do need an alternative to Classroom Monitor, the good news is that Learning Ladders has been moving […]

Unlocking Success: Pupil Progress for KHDA Inspections – Strategies for Top Results

The Dubai skyline

In Dubai, UAE, achieving top ratings in KHDA inspections hinges on optimising pupil progress. As schools strive for excellence, understanding and implementing effective strategies for pupil progress is paramount. Let’s delve into key tactics to enhance pupil progress for KHDA inspections to ensure we ace them.   Why Pupil Progress Matters for KHDA Inspections Pupil […]

Best Books for Teachers and School Leaders – Updated for Summer 2022

Book shelf

Education books are a valuable resource that help teachers and leaders improve their knowledge and skills. Not only that, they’re often funny, inspiring and packed full of actionable advice. Educators pour so much time into creating these CPD books for teachers that provide value to so many – but they rarely get the attention they […]

Effective Change Management in Schools

Profile picture of Kat Howard - Change Management in Schools

In our latest free CPD session we explored ‘Effective Change Management in Schools’ with Kat Howard. Kat is an author, speaker, advisor to the Teacher Development Trust, and Director for a large Multi-Academy Trust Teaching School Hub. How to best manage the move from a legacy assessment tracking system to Learning Ladders’ suite of curriculum […]

Designing a Curriculum with Learning Ladders

curriculum design

Curriculum design is a critical aspect of educational planning that sets the foundation for the learning journey of young children in early years and primary schools. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary curriculum design should be developed with the aim of providing a holistic and enriching experience for children, fostering their personal, social, […]

A science special with Learning Ladders’ partner Developing Experts

Developing Experts

As part of our ongoing Fireside Chat series we shine a light on the fantastic work happening in education and who better to lead the way than our innovative curriculum partner, Developing Experts. It was a pleasure to catch up with Developing Experts founder, Sarah Mintey, to hear how Developing Experts are breaking new ground […]

Best Educational Apps for Children, Teachers and Parents – 2022

When it comes to screen time, there’s a minefield of advice out there – from parents, teachers, and other experts. For years, we were told that TVs, phones, and tablets were a harmful distraction to kids and something to be avoided. But now, a blanket ban on these devices in the home feels increasingly unrealistic […]

How to support bilingual and multilingual learners

Eowyn Crisfield Languages across the curriculum

A huge thank you to Eowyn Crisfield for joining me for today’s ‘fireside chat’, all about improving the learning experiences of bilingual and multilingual learners. We invited Eowyn to join us as a number of schools have recently approached us, drawn by Learning Ladders software enabling schools to very easily create their own bespoke curriculum […]

Leadership approaches to linguistic diversity in schools

Eowyn Crisfield, specialist in languages across the curriculum, including EAL, home languages, bilingual and immersion education, takes a look at how school leaders can address the linguistic diversity in their school. One of the most challenging areas in international education is languages. While we can find and use curricula for any other area of learning […]