In conversation with Professor Stephen Heppell

Learning Environments

It is our absolute pleasure to host Professor Stephen Heppell for our latest Learning Ladders webinar:

‘The world just discovered that learning can be done differently!’

Stephen’s work on learning environments is fascinating. So it is delightful to speak to him again this month having heard him speak a number of times, as well as enjoying a few conversations in person.

So how can learning environments improve learning outcomes?

Join the conversation as Stephen gives a brief history of change in education, unpacks the science of learning and crucially, explains the importance of applying this to the classroom. 

  • Experience an eye-opening look at how physical conditions; movement, CO2, sound and lighting, affect children’s ability to learn effectively.   
  • Gain insight from Stephen’s experiences creating learning spaces around the globe.  Benefit from wider perspectives on learning spaces; the subsequent impact on attendance and active participation of children in their learning.
  • Comparisons between environments in Sport and Education; exploring foods to feed the brain, optimum conditions for performance and positive outcomes on memory and learning.  

He’s also developed a fabulous way to present using Zoom, one I’m going to try myself soon!


Continue the conversation. Get in touch with us here with any thoughts and feedback. 

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