Best Podcasts for Headteachers and Schools – 2021 Winners

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Podcasts are a great resource for headteachers and school staff: you can use them to build your skills, find inspiration for your classroom, and they’re also a great way to unwind with some entertaining chat from your peers.

There are so many education podcasts out there, so where is best to start in 2021?

We longlisted over 100 education podcasts and asked them to tell us why their podcast is beneficial for educators. Now, we’ve selected our shortlist of winners. Congratulations to the 47 podcasts featured – you’re all doing amazing work to help educators improve their practice!

All podcasts were selected by our panel of teachers, school leaders and EdTech entrepreneurs, including Learning Ladders founder Matt Koster-Marcon.

Read on to discover your new favourite show.

EdTech Podcasts

  1. The Edtech Podcast

The Edtech Podcast badge“In 2021, nearly 222 million children are out of (physical) school worldwide due to nationwide school closures linked to the coronavirus pandemic. The accelerated uptake of hybrid learning has taught us much about the digital divide, remote assessment, online learning and wellbeing and what we seek from our digital tools. It is these lessons which we share on The Edtech Podcast, which has been going for five years now.

“For school leaders, educators and educationalists, the podcast helps to provoke new thinking, raise questions, and share information between everyone involved in teaching and learning. In the Summer of 2020, after having a lockdown baby, The Edtech Podcast host got straight back into our mission “to improve the dialogue between “ed” and “tech” for better innovation and impact”, a mission which is now more critical than ever. Our listeners responded, with monthly downloads leaping from 10k to 40k over the Summer of 2020, with episodes helping to provide strategy, resources and connectedness in these changing times.”


2. The House of Edtech Podcast

The House of Edtech Podcast


“The House of #EdTech is a valuable and beneficial podcast for educators and school leaders because the podcast helps educators integrate technology. By sharing stories from teachers and leaders, explaining the lessons learned, and sharing actionable easy #edtech tips and tools that can be heard today and used tomorrow. Ultimately, whether you use it or not, technology is changing the way we teach and how our students learn.”




3. Learning Dust

Learning Dust badge“Education and technology go hand in hand these days, but all too often teachers, school leaders and technicians don’t. Here at Learning Dust we believe that wonderful learning and teaching can be achieved by encouraging SLT, techies and teachers to work together. Our motto is ‘Pedagogy and Technology in Harmony’, for that is how we can achieve the best results for students and staff working in education.

“Our podcast aims to bring people from all camps together to discuss pertinent issues and the latest ed-tech products and services. Co-hosted by Dave, an ICT Director, and Andy, a Lead Practitioner for Teaching & Learning, we aim to make each episode entertaining, informative and thought-provoking. We focus on the common themes of communication, relationships and empathy and have welcomed guests from around the world to share their valuable insights and experiences.”


4. Edtech Bites

Edtech Bites badge“The EdTech Bites Podcast is unlike any other educational podcast. Gabriel Carrillo combines edtech and food into a show that is motivational, instructional, and entertaining. This show is dedicated to discussing the latest trends in education and edtech all while breaking bread with guests such as Dr. Monica Burns, Carl Hooker, Jaime Donally, Thomas Murray, and various other educators.

“At times there are no guests but that does not take away from the conversation. Some people might even say that his solo episodes are better than those with guests. You could be the judge of that.

“Every year, Gabriel does a Beginning of the Year Keynote where he goes on an inspiring rant in order to inspire educators to kick off the school year with a positive and proactive mindset. He has recently begun to video record these conversations and make them available on YouTube for those visual learners (and who doesn’t want to see the delicious food).

“This podcast is a must for any educator who’s looking to grow with some insight, how-to, inspiration, reflection, and overall hunger to take a bite out of edtech…and food! So whether you are a teacher, paraprofessional, substitute, administrator, specialist, superintendent, parent, or student, subscribe as there is something for everyone on this show. Buen provecho!”


5. Easy Edtech Podcast

Easy Edtech Podcast badge“The Easy EdTech Podcast is for educators in the classroom and school leaders who want to simplify technology integration. Each episode includes actionable information of listeners including solo episodes with Dr. Monica Burns and interviews with passionate educators. The episodes are 15-30 minutes long and are released every Tuesday.

“Right now you can find over 100 episodes in the archive including dozens of educator interviews from around the world. If you are looking for ideas to try out right away, this podcast is for you. Listen in to learn about the intersection of education technology with social-emotional learning, digital citizenship, creativity and so much more.”



6. The Educational Duct Tape

The Educational Duct Tape badge


“The Educational Duct Tape is a light-hearted podcast about educational technology that focuses on teachers’ problems, needs, or pedagogical goals first and edtech tools second. Host Jake Miller and his guests focus on a question that a teacher may have and then suggest tools that they could use to solve those problems. Jake also shares a “Soabox Moment” in every episode that helps listeners develop a successful technology integration mindset.”




7. EdTech Club

EdTech Club badge“The Ed Tech Club brings casual, thoughtful interviews to listeners each week, covering everything in education, from social-emotional learning to the latest tech tips with humour and insight. We pack our episodes with actionable, proven ideas, as well as a needed dose of inspiration for educators.

“In almost 80 episodes, we’ve discussed humour as a teaching tool, overcoming embarrassment, and best practices for students with learning differences, in addition to education policy, esports, robots, and comic books. Through it all, we focus on the topics that matter to teachers and administrators, giving them the ability to reflect on their vital work and a voice to discuss it.”



8. The Shake Up Learning Show

The Shake Up Learning Show badge“The Shake Up Learning Show is a weekly podcast hosted by edtech expert Kasey Bell. The show features a variety of episodes for K12 teachers and educators, including tech tips, lesson ideas, practical advice, on-air coaching, student interviews, and interviews with inspiring educators. With over 100 episodes released, you will find topics designed to help classroom teachers, educational leaders, tech coaches, and more.

“Each week, Kasey shares a quick tip of the week–a quick tech tip to save educators time. And at the end of every episode is a podcast question of the week, designed for educators to continue the conversation or use as evidence for professional learning credit. (Check out the Podcast PD Choice Boards!)

“And, every episode includes a detailed blog post, so educators get all the links, resources, templates, videos, and step-by-step instructions.”


Early Years (EYFS) Podcasts

9. Hygge in the Early Years

Hygge in the Early Years badge


“The Hygge in the Early Years Podcast supports educators in creating a calm approach to teaching and leading. Where mental health and well-being are placed at the heart of the approach and inspiration on living well is taken from Denmark which is one of the happiest countries in the world.”





10. Team Early Childhood Podcast

Team Early Childhood Podcast badge“Team Early Childhood Podcast has come from a place of practice and research first and foremost within Education, Child Development, Health and includes the Social Aspect of the child too. It is with this in mind that I wanted to make sure that all voices within Early Childhood are given an equal chance of using their voices. To date we have had 7000 listens across all of the podcasts collectively and not only has it been listened to in the UK but internationally too.

“I wanted to make sure that educators thought about what happens before formal education starts at the age of 5. It is clear that a lot happens prior to this start in education, both within terms of learning and also the start of a good basis for Child Development. Many of the guests I have on Team Early Childhood Podcast are a real mix of Educators, Early Years professionals and researchers. There are many researchers who have shared their research in a way which means Educators/Teachers are able to access their research in a more informal way and a way which supports accessibility. The podcast has never lost the sense of why it was set up to begin with which is based around the child, including sharing the impact and importance that Early Childhood has within Early Education.

“The podcast is fully funded by Aaron Bradbury and is free to everyone. It has and always will be about giving those within Early Childhood a voice, potentially those that wouldn’t be given a platform to share their knowledge in subjects around pedagogy, leadership and management, Early Years curriculum, inclusion and diversity, CPD, Nurturing and much more. I hope that you can see that both my values and excitement of the Early Years is supported through my podcasts.”


11. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast badge“The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast is a podcast for like-minded educators that believe education should be a memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling part of every child’s life. We chat with leading educational authors, psychologists, headteachers, and teachers and hear their methods to create a more inclusive, active and nurturing curriculum.

“Outdoor learning and play are significant areas that we often discuss and how we can make our children more nature-alert by using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. The education podcast offers tips, ideas and insights into the forward-thinking practice we all believe in. This is essential CPD for those practitioners passionate about moving our education system into the future.

“The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast hosted by teacher Sarah Seaman is a hit with teachers and educators of all age ranges in schools throughout the UK and international schools abroad. “


12. The Preschool Podcast

The Preschool Podcast badge“The Preschool Podcast is a podcast from HiMama geared towards early childhood educators and families with young children. In its 5th year running, the show provides its listeners with both practical advice for managing your organization, center or classroom, as well as thought-provoking content and insights about the field of early childhood education.

“Hosted by HiMama’s CEO Ron Spreeuwenberg, our goal is to empower early childhood educators through free resources and professional development while educating families about the importance of their work.”



13. Thriving Language Podcast

Thriving Language Podcast badge“Thriving Language podcasts are weekly […] short burst of CPD. Our podcasts create a community for everyone in early years and education to explore the topics that we all need answers to. Through talking together and by speaking to experts and professionals from our industries, we gain the latest research ideas and start much needed, honest discussions.

“The idea behind our work and podcasts is to create environments where all children are listened to and understood however they choose to communicate. Thriving Language podcast are easy to listen to and highly informative, they can help our listeners to explore new areas of educational thinking or just give them the time to grab a cuppa, relax and know that they are part of this thriving, growing, community that cares about creating brighter futures. We cover a huge range of educational topics that really help in everyday professional practice and leadership.”


Learning Languages Podcasts

14. TEFL Training Institute Podcast

TEFL Training Institute Podcast badge“Far too much of language teaching literature is, to quote Stephen Krashen, “Far too long, far too incomprehensible and far too full of jargon,” not to mention far too expensive. The TEFL Training Institute podcast is the opposite: short, easy to understand and free. In each 15-minute episode, we discuss practical, thought-provoking, or controversial topics with our friends, and some of the biggest names in language teaching. We cut out the unnecessary chit-chat leaving teachers with information-packed episodes they can learn from. From motivation to materials, training to teenagers, approaches to assessment, we cover a wide variety of topics. Whatever the topic, the focus is always ideas that are practical for teachers, trainers, and managers.”


Teacher Wellbeing Podcasts

15. Teacher Wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing badge“An increasing number of teachers and school leaders are suffering stress-related illness and burnout. Some of these educators struggle through at a reduced capacity, some leave the profession altogether. Many educators put everyone else’s needs before their own because they just want to make a difference, but this backfires because the external expectations and demands of the job keep increasing, regardless of the dwindling reserves of teachers and school leaders.

“The Teacher Wellbeing podcast aims to facilitate and contribute to the conversation about teacher wellbeing, positive schools and burnout prevention. Through expert interviews and teacher case studies, host Ellen Ronalds Keene aims to inspire and empower educators of all kinds to take back control of their life and work by being proactive about their wellbeing. The Teacher Wellbeing Podcast not only gives educators information and examples of how to do this, but also gives them permission to put themselves first, so that they can go on making a difference long into the future.”


16. The Balanced Educator

The Balanced Educator badge“The Balanced Educator Podcast equips busy educators with concrete, practical strategies that empower them to feel more calm, balanced and joyful both in and out of the classroom.

“This listener review explains perfectly why this podcast is worth your time. “The Balanced Educator is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to when I need a pick-me-up or to refresh my perspective on: my own behaviour, my teaching practice, or my parenting practices. Listening to Kailey and Josianne, with their positive energy and passion for mindfulness makes me wish they were my colleagues! Every episode leaves you with a practical tidbit to take away into your day. It’s always on my list of recommendations when someone asks – it’s truly a gem!” – Ainsh”


SEND Focused Podcasts

17. The SENDcast

The SENDcast badge“Every teacher is a teacher of SEND, yet the training and support for staff around SEND isn’t there. The funding and time simply isn’t there. The SENDcast is a great way for all staff in a school to learn about different aspects of SEND, from classroom based approaches, to helping children deal with anxiety and grief. We also covered subjects like supporting pupils with SEND at home and advice for SENCOs around workload and whole school approaches.

“In our first year we have had 30,000 listens which is phenomenal, we are listed on a number of local authority and family support websites as a source of information and the feedback on social media has been amazing!”



18. Autism Spectrum Teacher

Autism Spectrum Teacher badge“The Autism Spectrum Teacher Podcast provides school leaders and educators with practical advice, strategies and ‘tools’ to support the learning of autistic and neurodiverse children. Educators and parents alike have found great value in listening to the experience and knowledge of Steph Reed, an autism specialist teacher, who is also a neurodiverse learner.

“Conversations on the podcast focus on positive ways to empower, embrace and celebrate autistic young people and have featured inspiring and thought-provoking guests including professionals and autistic individuals.

“Research shows that teaching professionals often feel ‘unconfident’ and ‘not equipped’ in teaching autistic children, and this podcast, therefore, aims to provide accessible, broken down tips and ideas that educators can implement in their practice straight away.

“Special needs and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and the more that educators are informed, the better they can make decisions that really support and enhance children learning and well-being.”


General Education Podcasts for Headteachers and Educators

19. Tiny Voice Talks

Tiny Voice Talks badge


“Tiny Voice Talks gives the quieter voices in education a platform to be heard and share their experience, message and hope. Every episode is different and themed. Since starting in August 2020, Tiny Voice Talks has not shied away from hard-hitting topics such as inequality and representation and has handed guests the microphone to talk about their race, sexuality and disability (amongst many other things). The impact already has been immense with educators and school leaders taking action on the back of what they have heard.”



20. Naylor’s Natter

Naylor's Natter badge“We are an education podcast started by Phil Naylor in November 2019. Originally this very basic podcast was set up to promote Blackpool’s ResearchEd conference for 2020. We focused mainly on academic research and evidence-based practice. Our interviews were recorded on a mobile phone propped up against a speaker, but somehow the podcast began to take off. In 2020, the Teacher Development Trust began to support the podcast. The team at TDT sourced guests, provided segments and crucially upgraded our equipment! As the podcast progressed, we also began to discuss continuing professional development and speaking to teachers about books they had written and read. To better reflect our amazing profession, we began to work with other hosts who began to source and record interviews.

“Our podcast for education has over 100 episodes in our back catalogue. This is a huge resource made available free to all teachers. We have interviewed leading experts in all areas of teaching- behaviour, curriculum, quality of teaching, leadership, personal development/welfare and much more. We are firmly rooted in the classroom with all our presenters working actively in schools. We work with our guests to discuss topics relevant to teacher’s experience. We natter about how an idea will look in their context and in their classroom. We have a wide range of interviews and interviewers, so there should be something for everyone at Naylor’s Natter.”


21. From Page to Practice

From Page to Practice badge“From Page to Practice is a podcast all about applying educational reading to classroom practice. Each episode features readers speaking about the books they have read and most episodes also have an introduction from the author of the selected book. The intention behind the podcast for education is to support teachers by translating the written word into practice and giving a voice to as many people as possible in the process. Listeners have commented on how useful the podcast is for embedding what they are reading; being one of the few podcasts they know of that gives real, classroom based implementation; and consolidating their understanding of key issues.

“What listeners say they enjoy is how easy it is to listen to on their commute; the fact that it brings the issues to life; and that they get to hear from such a range of voices in every episode. The podcast has been recommended by many people as part of blogs and teaching and learning newsletters for how easily accessible it is, how enjoyable it is to listen to and the positive impact it has on teaching practice not only for listeners but also those who take part.”


22. The Learning Scientists

The Learning Scientists badge

“The Learning Scientists is an all-female group of cognitive psychological scientists. We produce free resources on our website to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators. One of those free resources is the Learning Scientists Podcast! We do our best to go beyond a “one-size-fits-all” set of recommendations and present the nuances from the science of learning. We also strongly believe in the power of multiple perspectives and experiences coming together to improve education, and so our work features teachers with a variety of backgrounds, researchers with different areas of expertise, students, parents, and others interested in education.”



23. The Youth and Education Podcast

The Youth and Education Podcast badge“The Youth and Education podcast is a popular listen with school staff at all levels, from classroom teachers to MAT leaders. We release monthly episodes which alternate between topical interviews with high-profile figures from the education sector, and ‘research roundups’ which introduce listeners to high quality research on a range of interesting and important subjects that they can use to enhance their practice.

“Examples include Ofsted’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman on how to affect change in the sector; Professor Becky Francis, CEO of the Education Endowment Foundation, discussing the new National Tutoring Programme; and Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment, exploring misunderstanding of assessment in England. Meanwhile, our research roundups have covered topics ranging from tackling menstruation in school and period poverty; how racism manifests in education, and what educators are doing to challenge it; and the value of examining Sex and Relationships Education through the lens of Queer Theory.

“We love making the podcast and work hard to draw on advice and ideas from our contacts, as well as the expertise and interests of the CfEY team members, who have all worked in teaching or youth work in the past, in order to keep the content timely, useful and engaging.”


24. Education on Fire

Education on Fire badge“I interview educators from around the world so that I can enable you to support children to live, learn and grow to their full potential. I want to help children be inquisitive, to explore and fully engage with life. If a child enjoys music you support them by providing music lessons. If their interest is sport you find them a team or club to join. But what about other important areas of life? Community, finance, health, fitness, wellbeing, empathy, gratitude, coaching, mentorship, culture, subject learning tools, self empowerment or working as a team. We are here to support you with it all.

“I don’t remember much about the education policies at the time I was at school. I do remember the classes and teachers that got me excited about learning, and those that created an environment for me to grow, thrive and be me. At Education on Fire you can discover the best child centred learning experiences from around the globe, surround yourself with the best educators and join a community of like-minded people.”


25. Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast)

Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast) badge“With over 3 Million listens to date worldwide the hilarious Two Mr P’s in a Podcast has been entertaining school staff and those outside education for the last 3 years.

“Lee and Adam Parkinson bring their unique style of humour to the masses as they pull back the curtain on life in primary schools and explore why working in education is so interesting, disgusting and downright random.

“The Mr P’s are all about making people smile and helping teachers to enjoy working in schools during increasingly difficult circumstances. Unsolicited feedback from educators explaining how the Brothers Parkinson have got them through some really difficult times highlights the impact they are having on their listeners. If you’ve not heard what happened to David’s donkey… you’re missing out.”


26. 10 Minute Teacher

10 Minute Teacher badge“The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast brings quick practical advice to teachers from other teachers, researchers, administrators and thought leaders. With over 730 episodes, educators of all kinds can find helpful and inspiring ideas, motivation, edTech tools, and real world tips to make learning relevant and to become a more remarkable educator everyday.

“Vicki Davis, the host and author of the Cool Cat Teacher blog is a 19 year full time classroom teacher and IT director. As a Mom of three, her heart is to help struggling learners of all kinds and for every classroom to be world class.”




27. The Teaching Space

The Teaching Space“The Teaching Space is a fortnightly podcast for teachers, trainers and other education professionals working in any sector. It helps listeners be the best teachers they can be WITHOUT sacrificing their own time, mental health and wellbeing. The podcast includes solo episodes presented by me, Martine Ellis, as well as interviews.

“Podcast topics include productivity, technology, pedagogy, leadership and mental health and wellbeing. A subject I am passionate about promoting at the moment is boundaries (particularly in relation to creating the right balance between home and work) – and it is, for this reason, I believe my podcast would be of interest to school leaders and educators.”



28. Get Inspired and Innovate

Get Inspired and Innovate badge“The purpose of this podcast is to inspire educators to be innovative in the classroom. We will be interviewing Googlers (Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2, Google Certified Trainers, Google Certified Innovators) to get their tips, tools, and tricks to engage students in the classroom. We will also be discussing with our Googlers their certification process and the opportunities that it has provided them for growth.

“We hope that this podcast will inspire you to be innovative in the classroom. We are of the philosophy, “That the smartest person in the room, is the room.” We also want to inspire you to get every Google Certification that you can. Too many times we hear, “There is no way that I could do that.” Many of the people that we will have on our show thought the same thing, but now are Certified Educators, Trainers, and/or Innovators. So come learn with us and Get Inspired and Innovate.”


29. The Sue Atkins Parenting Show

The Sue Atkins Parenting Show badge“As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 25 years I bring my educational but relaxed approach to ‘talking and teaching’ parents my techniques, strategies and practical tips for raising happy, confident, resilient children with strong self esteem and confidence. Never before have parents had to ‘parent in a pandemic’ and through my free weekly Sue Atkins Parenting Show Podcast I discuss every possible aspect of parenting challenges, from weaning to whining, boundaries round technology to stroppy teens – offering practical tips, techniques and advice that really works.

“In my global Parentverse Podcast I cover all aspects of child development in my conversations with experts from around the world to get the very best advice around handling toddler tantrums, dyslexia, autism, to bullying and friendship issues. I offer support and guidance and offer a helping hand and a pat on the back to busy, stressed out parents on their journey to being the best they can be.

“Parents can listen without limits and enjoy my podcasts on the move – covering a wide range of topics all available for parents & teachers to download for free and to share with their friends and family anytime.”


30. Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher badge


“Teach Me, Teacher has been heard by millions of educators across the world, and has featured some of the top minds in and around education, such as Alfie Kohn, Eric Weinstein, Todd Whitaker, and Kelly Gallagher. The podcast was built from the ground up as a no non-sense show about best practices, and has since evolved into a place that merges best practices with philosophy, testimony, and activism. The show is hosted by speaker, author, and middle school teacher, Jacob Chastain.”




31. The Teachers’ Podcast

The Teachers' Podcast badge“I started The Teachers’ Podcast because I’m a huge fan of learning and personal development. When I was in teaching, I had no time for these things. I like to think of it as Twitter professional development, but for busy people. My role is to facilitate all of this.

“It’s important to me that my guests are relatable, I’m relatable and that I ask the questions that our colleagues in the classroom really want to know. We source guests from all over. Sometimes they are teachers in the classroom and sometimes they are well-known experts. The crucial thing is that they have to be able to add value to our listeners.

“The Teachers’ Podcast is easy listening and we make sure that in every episode, teachers and school leaders get actionable steps to try out in their classrooms and improve their practice.”


32. Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast

Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast badge“With four decades of experience in coaching educators internationally, I turned to the podcast process to capture and label small chunks of knowledge and insights for school leaders and coaches to access at their convenience. I expanded to a teachers’ version to share much of the same information in a format that was most applicable directly to classroom practice.

“When COVID 19 sent students home to learn, I began a parent version that focuses on parents as “learning coaches.” I had been blogging for educators for over 12 years and learned the value of “pondering out loud” as a way to increase my learning and to spark learning for others. Many outstanding educators, counselors, and authors join me in informal, passionate conversations about teaching, learning, leading, and parenting. Currently nearly 250 episodes with over 130,000 downloads are available.”


33. Inside Education

Inside Education badge“Inside Education is a podcast for educators who are interested in teaching. It is presented by Seán Delaney, who is a primary teacher and a teacher educator. On each episode an expert in research or practice shares insights about education with specific reference to the practice of teaching. Topics range from all curriculum subjects to more general topics such as feedback, assessment, subject integration, technology, and leadership. When the podcast was reviewed by The Irish Times, the reviewer noted that it is “the crème de la casts when it comes to education.”

“Guests come from a wide range of fields and have included experts such as John Hattie, Nell Duke, Andy Hargreaves, Pam Grossman, Gert Biesta, Derek Sivers, Catherine Snow and many, many more.

“In addition to their area of expertise, a range of general questions are asked of every guest such as what school is for, if there was a teacher who had a significant impact on them, what their vision is of an educated person and what inspires them. They are also asked to recommend their favourite blog or book or author on education. In short, the podcast is a form of self-contained continuous professional development for teachers that informs and inspires.”


34. Education Research Reading Room

Education Research Reading Room badge“The Education Research Reading Room podcast provides in-depth analysis and discussion of crucial topics in education. Each month, host Ollie Lovell (a practicing teacher) reads an educational book, then interviews the author to distill key insights for teachers and school leaders.

“The podcast has covered everything from reading instruction, writing strategies, worked examples, project-based learning, explicit instruction, evaluating education research, and much more besides. With a world-class list of guests – Doug Lemov, Dylan Wiliam, Jay McTighe, John Hattie, Tom Sherrington, Viviane Robinson, Daisy Christodoulou, Lorraine Hammon, Pamela Snow, and many more – it’s a must-listen for teachers and school leaders alike.”


35. Edufuturists

Edufuturists badge“We are led to believe that the education sector will constantly evolve to suit the needs of learners and society, but what if we are already too far behind? Then a revolution is needed. The Edufuturists podcast advocates for a grassroots revolution in education by showcasing innovative educators and leaders from around the world who are exploring what education could look like, through their cutting edge research and practice.

“We explore the future of education every week with light-hearted conversations to discover what an education system fit for the 21st century might look like. Recent guests have included Priya Lakhani OBE, Lord Jim Knight and David Price OBE.”



36. Oxford Education Podcast

Oxford Education Podcast badge“In this challenging climate, it really felt right to create a ‘staff-room chat’ feel to our podcasts, where relaxed, collaborative thinking can inspire our approach to bridging the word gap.

“Through the different lenses of Early Years, SEND, leadership, parental engagement and many more, we chat about vocabulary teaching – from EYFS to KS4 – with some incredible colleagues and share their professional journeys. Stepping into the worlds of HMI, Edu-twitter influencers, CEO’s, authors and actors, our conversations consider the vital role of building vocabulary and communication skills for our young people, the myriad of challenges we face – and the invaluable support we can access.

“We hope our listeners feel inspired to consider their own classroom practice, can unwind as they listen and often smile in recognition at the funnier sides of our profession.”


37. Teacher Career Coach Podcast

Teacher Career Coach Podcast badge“The Teacher Career Coach Podcast is a groundbreaking educational podcast for teachers that deconstructs the norms around education and teacher wellbeing. Former teacher Daphne Williams shares her advice and welcomes a variety of guests to discuss topics like teacher burnout, work-life balance, guilt, and self-care.

“Daphne adamantly believes that everyone has the right to a career change if that’s what their heart desires. So, the podcast also covers transition best practices and career path options for teachers outside of the classroom. Teacher Career Coach Podcast listeners learn from self-care experts, therapists, union representatives, teachers’ rights advocates, and former teachers who continue to make an impact beyond classroom walls. The Teacher Career Coach Podcast is the ultimate resource for any teacher looking to find happiness inside or outside of the classroom.”


38. Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Leadership badge“Nicholas McKie is an Associate Professor and Professional Certified Coach who works with educational leaders and aspiring leaders in the UK and across the globe. In these podcast conversations (now into its fifth series), he connects with recognised leaders from across the world of education and beyond, from sport to politics to the armed forces. His unrivalled experience and that of his influential expert guests offer listeners the perfect blend of theory, opinion and best practice guidance.

“They are go-to podcasts for school leaders looking for insight and real, actionable inspiration, featuring fascinating people who have reached the highest levels in their field. Guests speak about their leadership journeys and philosophies with authority, clarity, authenticity and, more often than not, a great amount of humility. A tonic for anyone with a commitment to practising great leadership in education.”


39. Teachers Talk Money

Teachers Talk Money“We all know that talking about money is taboo in workplaces and households everywhere, but educators face a unique stigma because we are all aware that “we didn’t get into teaching for the money.” While it’s true that our paychecks do NOT reflect the countless hours we put in and the value we add to our students’ lives, we need to be empowered to take control of our money in order to give back to ourselves. Due to the lack of financial education for teachers, we are often left to our own devices, with very little time and energy.

“The Teachers Talk Money Podcast aims to give educators all the resources they need to learn about finances: we cover budgeting, saving, investing, paying off debt, money mindsets, financial boundaries, and more in episodes that teachers can fit into their busy lives. All of the information is specific to the unique financial position educators are in, and both hosts are currently teachers who understand the demands of managing money while working in the classroom.”


40. School Behaviour Secrets Podcast

School Behaviour Secrets Podcast badge“School Behaviour Secrets is the podcast that’s obsessed with helping teachers, school leaders – and of course, students – when classroom behaviour gets in the way of success.

“If you’re looking for research-backed strategies for supporting students who find it hard to manage their emotions or behaviour; practical ways of supporting pupils with special needs like autism, ADHD or attachment disorder; tried-and-tested classroom management strategies that will work with that ‘tricky class’, then this is the podcast for you.

“Week after week, your hosts Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton share the secrets to behaviour success that every teacher and school leader should know, all based on their decades of experience supporting real teachers and real students in real classrooms.

“But that’s not all… We also interview thought leaders from the world of education so you can hear NEW insights that could hold the key to unlocking your students’ potential. Whether it’s managing the whole class, helping kids with behavioural SEN, or whole school strategy – we’ve got you covered.”


41. The Independent School Podcast

The Independent School Podcast badge“The Independent School Podcast by Juliet Corbett is a podcast for leaders and fundraisers at independent schools, helping them to strengthen their school’s income streams.

“Juliet offers solo episodes, sharing advice from her consultancy background, and welcomes inspirational guests on to the show, for actionable tips and strategies – covering everything from fundraising to fees, commercial ventures to international partnerships.

“Juliet has built a wealth of content for listeners, to help them through these questions and more, inspiring them to overcome hurdles and reach new funding targets, making a difference in their independent schools and communities.”



42. Key Voices Podcast

Key Voices Podcast badge“Hosted by Caroline Doherty, Head of Education Strategy at The Key, Key Voices has had 45,000
downloads since it launched in February 2019. We cover the latest sector trends and
developments, and with the help of our guests seek to unpick the issues most pressing to those working in schools each week – from leadership and staff wellbeing, to curriculum and SEND.

“We also consciously cater for those with specific interests, such as governance or school
business management, to make sure there’s a bit of something for everyone. Guests on Key Voices are a vibrant mix of serving school and trust leaders as well as specialists, authors and researchers. We also want our listeners to feel connected to some of the big influencers in education – which has led us to interviewing guests such as Sir David Carter, Dame Alison Peacock and Emma Turner, as well as covering emerging ideas and debates.

“Key Voices reaches beyond the established education social media ‘bubble’ and attracts a broad audience from across the sector. Conversations are accessible to listeners at all levels of experience in education (we even have some parents listening in), and we currently have over 2,000 downloads a month.”


43. The SecEd Podcast

The SecEd Podcast badge“The SecEd Podcast is a fortnightly best practice discussion which seeks to offer advice, ideas and food for thought for colleagues working in UK secondary schools – both leaders and teaching staff.

“Each episode focuses on a specific theme within secondary education. Recent topics have included Pupil Premium, SEND, CPD, Quality First Teaching, Curriculum Design, Middle Leadership and Workload.

“Our podcast is popular because we focus on practical advice, ideas and tips – seeking to offer something useful for listeners. We are also in-depth – hosting discussions of 60-75 minutes, meaning we can really get into detail about effective professional practice.

“The podcast is well-received because our guests are clearly experts in their field; they are all educationalists and/or professionals working in schools and so speak from experience. “The podcast now has four different hosts and a diverse range of guests, ensuring a range of experiences and advice is discussed. We also involve our guests in planning the discussions which helps to ensure the themes are relevant to practice in schools.

“Ultimately we aim to produce a podcast that is easy to listen to while marking, commuting or gardening – but which offers concrete and valuable best practice advice.”


44. The Forest School Podcast

The Forest School Podcast badge“The Forest School Podcast is a must-listen for any educator, not just in the U.K. but across the world. Hosts Lewis and Gemma, two teachers turned forest-school practitioners who run their own forest school ‘Children of the Forest’ in Devon, are constantly reading, reflecting and learning more to develop their own practice, and began the Forest School Podcast to share their explorations with a wide audience of outdoor educators, teachers and early years workers, parents and anyone who works with children.

“As the Forest School pedagogy grows across the world, Lewis and Gemma go beyond the surface approach to activities and practical advice, turning their informal, irreverent (and often shouty passionate) conversation to topics such as ethos, behaviour, play theory, psychology, the politics of education, and child development.

“The podcast boasts not only two knowledgable hosts, but also an array of guests from the worlds of education, ecology, bushcraft and more, including interviews with a range of outdoor education practitioners across the world, to gain global perspective of the Forest School movement. Lewis and Gemma also review pedagogical books and articles in terms of both enjoyment and of lasting impact on their own practice and views.

“The Forest school podcast challenges mainstream education ideas and puts them into practice, giving a no-holds-barred look at the triumphs and pitfalls of educating outside the status quo.”


45. The Schools & Academies Show

The Schools & Academies Show badge“The Schools & Academies Show Podcast was created in February 2020, just weeks before the United Kingdom went into its first lockdown. We were looking at repurposing the wealth of session recordings from previous events we had in our archives. Being aware of the rising success of podcasting, we thought of starting our own as a better way to communicate with the education community.

“When the reality of lockdown hit everyone in the country, the podcast took on another meaning: it was our way to support leaders and educators, during one of the most challenging times of their professional career. Months went by, and we adapted our offer, including audio recordings of the webinars we produced, or editorial edits of the sessions we run at our latest show in November 2020, the largest online education event in the UK.
“From the start we saw that our podcast was also downloaded by listeners living abroad – not our traditional audience. With national boundaries shattered by virtual and international travelling still lagging, this opens opportunities that we’ll consider while shaping the future direction of our content pieces.”


46. Like a Sponge

Like a Sponge badge“In a world of educational chaos, where can you turn to help children flourish? In Like a Sponge, dives into the science and stories behind how kids thrive. From how kids become math-phobic to what’s going on inside teenagers’ brains, it’s the science of learning, fun and unspun. This nonpartisan, expert-driven series addresses questions that many educators and parents are grappling with: How do you raise an honest child in a post-truth society? What qualities help protect kids from mental illness and substance abuse? What helps kids recover from injustice? How do you raise children who can connect with people different from them?

“Each episode weaves together stories of people whose lives have been changed by specific character strengths with insights from scientists and educators. All episodes offer concrete ways that listeners can apply the science of character to the children in their lives.”


47. edu-Me

edu-Me badge“edu-Me focuses on bridging the gap and fostering a stronger relationship between parents and schools by empowering parents to become partners in their child’s education. By providing practical strategies, educators and parents can enhance the school experience for the child to reach their academic potential.

“Each week, edu-Me discusses various aspects of the education and parenting process such as bullying, time management, school-related stress, social media, celebrating our differences, testing, and other timely topics.

“School leaders and educators will be interested in listening to the podcast because we are breaking down barriers that schools and parents face in a positive, nurturing, informative way so we can come together and work as a team knowing that when our children feel supported in their lives in school and home, they are more secure and more confident in their work.”


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