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What is a Gap Analysis in education?

It’s a big question: how can teachers plan lessons that meet the different experiences, contexts and gaps in learning that exist for all pupils?

We reflect on the tools available at Learning Ladders to support teachers in identifying gaps – before they become a barrier to learning. 

A Gap Analysis is an important part of any School Improvement Plan, that allows teachers to drill down into their data at an objective level for every pupil in every subject. 

But where does the information come from? Does it involve more work?

Milestones pull through into the report ✓  

Patterns in data are easily identified with the use of familiar settings of colour codes, numbers and descriptors ✓ 

Assessments pulled through for every subject ✓ 

Gaps in prior rung years clear to plan for potential misconceptions and solid foundations ✓ 

Filtering by KPIs provides insight into milestones met for these key objectives ✓

How can Gap Analysis improve learning outcomes?

The Curriculum Lab, accessed from within Gap Analysis, surfaces high-quality resources from our partners (including the BBC and Oak Academy), saving teachers time and engaging pupils in learning. It proves most valuable in planning for specific and measurable interventions. Pupils receive targeted support by informed practitioners using the insight gained.

Moreover, exporting this data creates a springboard for dialogue in pupil progress meetings; addressing CPD needs, resourcing, or further provision to begin to close the gap.

In short this blog may serve as a refresher of the benefits of using Gap Analysis or as a discovery of new ways that Learning Ladders can support teachers.  Above all, Learning Ladders will be here to help reduce teacher workload, producing meaningful reports to ensure progress for all children, whatever 2021 might bring… 

For more information about how to use the Gap Analysis Tool, read our help articles here.

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