Replacing Classroom Monitor or Target Tracker

A number of schools are telling us that they want to replace Classroom Monitor or Target Tracker this Spring/Summer, and obviously we’d be delighted to support you going forward. We appreciate that change is inconvenient, but if you do need an alternative to Classroom Monitor, the good news is that Learning Ladders has been moving schools from older tracking systems for years, so switching is a quick and easy process that we’ve done many times. 


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Can I bring over my existing data?

Yes, we can import historical data from Classroom Monitor, Target Tracker or any other legacy system into Learning Ladders, or easily bulk set student starting points to get you up and running. What’s more you can also import your historical and current data from other providers such as GL Assessment to use in our GL Data Dashboard.

How do features compare?

Learning Ladders does all the data tracking that legacy tracking systems do, and a whole lot more too! Unlike other tracking systems, the Learning Ladders platform has a fully integrated parent/remote learning platform, automated Student Reports module, Self-Marking Assignments and much more. It’s easy (and free) to customise, and we’ll work with you to train and support your whole team. Most schools see it as an upgrade to a better system, and probably a cost saving too!

You can see some of our awards and what customers think on our Reviews page.

Do you suffer from the ‘wheel of doom’?!

No! Learning Ladders is super-fast and used to dealing with very large schools around the world, so it doesn’t freeze or take ages to load.

What about customer service?

It’s free and unlimited for every member of staff, with a typical response time of less than 10 minutes. We have teams of former teachers on hand in the UAE and UK, so we’re working when you are. We understand what you need in the real world, as well as the tech.  This is EdTech as it should be!

Can I still connect to my MIS?

Yes, we use Wonde to connect to any MIS. We also have our own importer if you prefer. Judge for yourself by scheduling a personal demo . We’ll show you round the platform, answer any questions, and you can get to know us and what we’re all about. Or for a quick look at some key features of the platform, try our on-demand demos  (just 5 minutes each).


So if you’re looking for an alternative to Classroom Monitor, whenever you’re ready to upgrade your assessment tracking system for Primary or Early Years, we’re here to help.


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