Effective Assessment Judgements in the EYFS

Jan Dubiel

Effective Assessment in EYFS: How Do We Know That They Know What They Know? Revisiting the 80/20 ratio and understanding effective and authentic assessment judgements in the EYFS The accuracy of data, and a collective confidence in this, is the single most defining factor of its purpose. Without the knowledge and belief that the information […]

Working with the new Development Matters to support progression in the EYFS

The new Development Matters

The new Development Matters 2021 has a strong re-focus on the concept of ‘Curriculum’; which is best defined as ‘what we want children to learn’, and has triggered an extensive debate in the Early Years community; partly around the ‘pitch’ of expectation for YN and YR, but also around the notion of ‘progression’. This latter debate […]

NEW: Our EYFS Tracking Module

EYFS Module in Learning Ladders

Our journey of discovery into the changes to the new EYFS Framework has encountered more than a few twists and turns.  From our initial stages of Jan Dubiel’s EYFS briefing to our hugely popular Early Years Framework Guide, we’ve fully immersed ourselves in best practice conversations.   In true Learning Ladders style, collaboration with our schools was […]

Revised EYFS Framework Guide

The EYFS Framework

The new EYFS Framework 2022 becomes statutory on 1st September 2021. Our EYFS lead Melanie has produced a quick reference guide highlighting key changes in the final version of the new EYFS Framework 2022 that was published by the Department for Education recently, compared to what was included in previous versions. We hope this is […]

EYFS webinar with Alistair Bryce-Clegg (ABC Does)

As part of our regular monthly webinar series our EYFS webinar with Alistair Bryce-Clegg (ABC Does) enlightens us with Alistair’s thoughts on progress and attainment in the Early Years. Alistair Bryce-Clegg is an experienced Early Years practitioner, with over 30 years experience working in the Foundation Stage.  A fascination with child development, an interest in […]

EYFS Briefing with Jan Dubiel

Jan Dubiel

It was a huge pleasure to host so many Early Years colleagues at our EYFS Briefing with Jan Dubiel earlier today, and we’re grateful for all the positive feedback about the work we’re doing together in this area. The video from the briefing is below, do share the link to this article with colleagues so […]

NEW EYFS Update: Development Matters 2020

The long awaited update for EYFS Development Matters 2020 has finally been released by The Department for Education. We’ll be taking a few days to digest it, before adding it to the main part of the Learning Ladders system in a framework designed by Early Years assessment expert Jan Dubiel. In the meantime here’s the […]

EYFS: National Briefing with Jan Dubiel

Jan Dubiel

Jan Dubiel outlines some of the key considerations for Early Years professionals returning to school settings this Autumn.  This webinar offers a preview into the expected changes to Development Matters, as well as the new OEDA Diagnostic Assessment. Jan offers his perspective on: Challenges and Opportunities from the Covid-19 pandemic How Edtech supports schools in […]

What should a Reception Baseline for September 2020 look like?

Despite widespread opposition, the DfE appear to be insistent on introducing the statutory Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) this September for all YR children, as reported recently in TES. Whilst I also consider the current NfER model for RBA to be highly problematic, I do think that a Baseline – or an on entry assessment – in […]