EYFS Briefing with Jan Dubiel

It was a huge pleasure to host so many Early Years colleagues at our EYFS Briefing with Jan Dubiel earlier today, and we’re grateful for all the positive feedback about the work we’re doing together in this area.

The video from the briefing is below, do share the link to this article with colleagues so as many people as possible can benefit from it.

“There are many routes up the mountain, but the view remains the same” – Chinese proverb.

What changes are taking place in EYFS?

Critical to our plans for EYFS at Learning Ladders are to not only have experts like Jan guide our thinking, but also experts who are in settings on a daily basis shape the detail of the system itself. To be the best possible solution – and why aim lower – we need to blend sound pedagogy and great tech in the way we do across KS1 and KS2. So do please engage with us on this process, initially by contacting Tom Foster who’s leading this work internally (tomf@learningladders.info).

Our updated EYFS module will be based upon the new Development Matters framework, enhanced with guidance from Jan, and brought to life through the ability to customise and build upon the core DM2 structure to create your own locally ‘fit-for-purpose’ curriculum.

In the meantime we have already launched a ‘light-touch’ One-Entry Diagnostic Assessment (OEDA), which we’ve made freely available to all schools to use as you wish. OEDA is curriculum agnostic, and is a teaching aid, not a baseline. It is NOT an audit, nor is it designed to be reported on – it is to support practitioners with their planning on an individual child basis. You can start using it now, here.

We look forward to more events like this in the future, but especially to more detailed dialogue with focus group schools. Watch this space, exciting things coming!


Watch the EYFS Briefing with Jan Dubiel here: 

Jan Dubiel

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