EYFS Module and FREE Post C19 On-Entry Diagnostic Assessment for N, R and Y1 by Tom Foster

On Entry Assessment EYFS

I have been championing EYFS at Learning Ladders for almost 5 years now and I am thrilled to be doing something that I feel will make a real difference.  The icing on the cake is to be working with Jan.  I very much look forward to hearing from you and developing what I truly believe will help EYFS.

Learning Ladders has been recognised as a system, which brings people together to improve teaching and learning. We have been collaborating with primary schools for years; utilising our skills with technology and teaching experience, to improve outcomes.

When we launched in 2014, primary education was experiencing a fundamental change with a new National Curriculum and removal of levels.  Looking at EYFS, it’s possible to say the same is happening. It’s been a constantly changing landscape from government policy to the environment we find ourselves in. This year is no exception.

What feedback have we received from schools?

Many schools have told us that they want to have all their assessment and reporting, including foundation/EYFS in one place. Furthermore, we should use our unique skills to provide a unified, effective tool to do this.  

Over the next 9 months, we will be seeking your help and feedback.  This feedback inform development of a single product with the ability to; assess, report, moderate, communicate and manage the transition from reception to year 1. We already have some great ideas about how this might look, what it might do and how it might help but we really need your input!  We want to develop a tool that you want to use- not told to.  

Our first phase of this, is an On Entry Assessment EYFS tool that will provide simple, easy to understand reports. Pupils, who you might not have seen for up to 6 months by September. We are very excited to be working with Jan Dubiel and will shortly launch the ‘2020 On Entry Assessment’ tool. We have also been recruiting team members with specialist knowledge of EYFS  to ensure we are not just sidetracked by new, shiny technology! 😉

This will kick start our drive to pin down the features and functions of a product you can use with joy, (not pain).  Moreover  it will incorporate the recent changes covered in the governments EYFS consultation.  As I am sure many of our members already know, we are not shy to act on honest, constructive feedback.

We like to think we care and understand your needs but only with your participation can we build a truly, meaningful tool for your use. 

Tom Foster


I have worked in Education for over 20 years and have developed a deep affinity and desire to try and ‘give something back’. My background is in marketing for highly regarded organisations, including Eurostar (UK), Channel 4 and Espresso Education. Throughout my career I have provided resources or services to help in the classroom.  I have also worked very closely with BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association).  In this work I support and help companies understand the Education sector and listen to the people we serve. My work as Chairperson of the BESA Marketing Committee provided a unique opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to help individuals and companies prosper in this industry.

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