Recording COVID Test Results in Learning Ladders

On Sunday it was reported that a new Track and Trace NHS requirement may involve schools needing to record Covid Tests results somewhere.

For me anything like this is where EdTech should take the admin burden from schools. I’d expect the MIS system to have functionality to enable schools to manage this live in the coming days.

Just to prove the point I created a simple workaround in Learning Ladders, which would enable schools to record test results, even pictures of the Barcodes of the tests themselves. This will take an Admin user no more than 10 minutes to set up in Learning Ladders using existing functionality – video showing how below.

In a few easy steps reduce work for teachers; easily create the test as a Subject with ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ results, bulk enter results for a whole class- date stamped with the option to tag and track pupils with positive tests through custom attributes.

But, this is very much a workaround. This should be something your MIS system solves for you, so do ask them (and say we sent you!)

As ever we’re here to help – if you need help with recording your Covid test in school or anything else just reach out to us via the LiveChat (members) email or social media.

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