NEW: Every BBC Bitesize & Oak Academy Resource in Learning Ladders


Every BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy resource is now available in Learning Ladders’ new search engine feature – The Curriculum Lab.

No more wasted time searching for resources, our curated search engine does it all for you, all without having to leave your Learning Ladders site.

Click onto your curriculum, see your children’s gaps in learning, find the best resources to support teaching and learning, track usage and impact.

All in one place. In a click. There’s a video demo at the end of this blog.

No more searching, no more re-inventing the wheel, no more guesswork.

The Curriculum Lab – unique to Learning Ladders

The Curriculum Lab is a unique curated search engine for education resources that we’ve built to make it easier for teachers and parents find the exact best resource to support every learner with every learning objective, and for schools to then track usage and impact.

How does it work?

We’ve started with public content from BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy, and will add more over the coming months.

Whether you’re planning learning, reviewing the gaps identified by Learning Ladders, or preparing remote learning, the Curriculum Lab tab can be opened up on the page and will enable an in-application search for related resources.



Simply choose from the previews (tagged with keywords and pupil ages). Review the resource directly on the host site (to check browser and firewall compatibility etc). If you like what you find add it to your Learning Ladders curriculum map or remote learning portal/task.

You can add resources to Favourites and come back to them later, and even rate the suggestions.




Why have we done this?

Our vision is a world where every adult has the best tools to support children’s learning, in school and at home.

We know that teachers (and parents) spend a huge amount of time searching for the right resources, sometimes finding them and sometimes not.

Learning Ladders already gives a clear picture of exactly what every child can and cannot yet do. However, until now teachers have had to then search for the resources they need elsewhere. We think we can make that process better, more accurate, and save teachers a lot of time.

By searching key providers from within Learning Ladders, you can find and use the exact resource when you need it.

Subsequently that means less non-working time searching for or creating resources, and more time spent having a life. And we think that’s a good thing for everyone.

How to use this?

It’s free for all Learning Ladders members, currently in BETA (live testing) on UK school sites only. We’ll be rolling it out globally – and with more partners – in 2021.

A word of warning – to access some content you may need to login to the host provider’s website and currently BBC content can only be viewed within the UK. And, like any search engine, because we display a resource as a result that doesn’t mean we endorse it – you need to check it before using it!

Do let us know how you get on with it, do let colleagues know, and tell us what you spend all the extra free time doing!

Watch the video (3 mins)


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