NEW: GL Data Dashboards

You asked, so we’ve delivered.  All of your Summative Data alongside internal assessments in brilliantly clear but insightful GL data dashboards.  This is in addition to our existing Summative Analytics, and Summative vs. Formative comparison options.

  • Visualise CAT4, PASS and PT tests on beautiful data dashboards
  • Compare to internal formative assessment data on the same page
  • Easily identify needs and successes at student, group, class and year group level
  • See trends over time across key data
  • Share amongst staff, with Governors / Board / Inspectors, with parents and students

And of course, Learning Ladders can also still analyse data from any other summative tests or provider (just not yet in these new dashboards, but it’s coming!). All part of our mission to improve children’s learning.

“This is staggeringly time saving for us. It’s superb to have a one-stop-shop”.

Rachael Wilding, Smart Vision School

Why create a GL assessment dashboard?

Here at Learning Ladders, we have always placed a lot of importance on formative assessment data.  Primarily on how we use that data to help teachers and parents to support every child to achieve.  From the daily and weekly lessons; to the termly and end of year information used by senior leaders to support teaching, learning and resourcing across the school.

We also know, however, that many schools choose to use summative testing as well to help them to gain a wider view of the students.  This can include what knowledge they demonstrate in test scenarios, whether using small end-of-unit tests or bigger, commercially available yearly tests, or anything in between.

Specialist tests like GL’s CAT4 and PASS assessments are very popular, and mandated in some regions. Most of all, we know that this data is really important as stand-alone information about each child but that it also becomes really powerful when analysed alongside the formative assessment data.

With all of this in mind, we are delighted to announce that our latest feature will enable you to visualise your GL summative assessment data in our new pre-built data dashboards. These are in addition to the current analytics tools which work with any commercial summative data set you wish to import. In addition, this data will sit alongside your internal formative data in Learning Ladders.  This will ensure that you are able to see powerful information which best supports you to support your students.

When will this feature be available?

This feature will available from mid-March and is something we can easily turn on for your school. We have designed it to provide a very easy upload, using the output CSV file created from your GL TestBase account.  This  will in turn populate all the necessary information into Learning Ladders.  Furthermore, you can upload in bulk, so in a few quick clicks you have a whole new powerful dashboard of data to work with.

Everything we do at Learning Ladders aims to give you data in ways which help you to make an impact – on each child, in each group and class, in every year group, throughout your school.

This new feature is no exception.  We hope you find it useful, and look forward to your feedback.

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