School data – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wow, this was an energising session on school data!

A huge thank you to Jeni Dellman, Primary Headteacher at the British School of Muscat, and Matthew Savage (the Mona Lisa Effect) for joining me for this fireside chat today, discussing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of school data, as part of our series of events showcasing our new GL Data Dashboards.

In this session we discuss how data has too often been weaponised in education, how it needs to be reclaimed for teaching and learning whilst staying true to their school ethos, and managing external pressures.

We make the case for ‘signposts not labels’, ‘flags not facts’ – and to repeat the Learning Ladders mantra – to use data to ‘create better learning conversations’, and generate the conditions for success.

Specifically we explore the use of Aptitude, Attainment and Attitude insights, and why including these adds more pieces to the jigsaw of understanding our students.

And of course we share a little bit more about our GL Dashboards, which make it super-simple to visualise your CAT4, PASS, and PT data alongside your internal formative assessment records.

Grab a chair and a drink, and enjoy!



School data

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