Making Parental Engagement World Class

Genuine parental engagement – adults at home actively helping with learning – has bigger impact on children’s outcomes than any other factor.

It’s quite literally the best way to improve children’s success at school. But traditionally it’s been hard for schools to execute without overwhelming teachers.

That’s why at Learning Ladders we’ve spent 5 years building a system that enables schools to quickly and easily upskill parents to help at home, with minimal work for teachers.

In this webinar Katie Edwards, Deputy Head of Primary at the British School Muscat, shares her advice about how schools can make their Parental Engagement World Class including:  

  • How Learning ladders has supported pupils and parents during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Responsive action taken from a parent survey asking for further support for parents
  • Positive outcomes of recording formative assessments to create target cards to share with pupils
  • Using consistent language to talk about learning with pupils and parents

As a result of this approach BSM have significantly improved how they work in partnership with parents, increasing parental satisfaction. And not just during lockdown, but day in day out.

We’re delighted that over half of all global ‘World Class’ High Performance Learning schools already choose Learning Ladders for their parental engagement (and assessment). Why not connect with us and find out how we can support your school too?

child learning from home

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