Leading the way: The impact of a whole school system on progress

What is it that has seen Learning Ladders enquiries from schools soar over the past year? With recent additions of a new EYFS module, dynamic GL assessment dashboards and updates to parent-teacher communication tools, clearly a whole school system for monitoring assessment and learning is something the sector has been waiting for. The news that Learning Ladders has once again been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Best System for Assessment Planning & Progress Monitoring’ further shines a light on the positive impact of a whole school system.

So what is the impact of a whole school system on learning outcomes?

Better conversations about learning

Imagine a singular system that facilitates communication for every stakeholder involved in learning to create better conversations about learning.  Parents who have access to one entirely translatable system to access communication for multiple siblings, across all phases in school.  A step beyond simply sharing what a child is learning in school toward providing information a parent needs to support learning at home, at every stage. Add to that instant feedback generated through homework and evidence sharing across all phases. Ladders at Home becomes the only parental engagement system a school needs from EYFS to Secondary.

Empowered Students

Picture a school where solid foundations are laid for fostering independent, active learners from EYFS and beyond. Personalised pupil statements and booklets surface learning, creating students who are co-owners of learning. Every child develops the language to engage in better conversations about learning.

Consistent reporting 

One whole school system offers the option for separate assessment policies for different phases, to ensure all assessment recorded is impactful assessment.  With data in one place, seamless transitions are created.  Big wins include visibility of curriculum intent across the school, opportunities for cross-phase moderation and consistency of one parental engagement system.  

Connected Curriculum intent and implementation

A whole school system communicates a school’s vision to stakeholders, embedding the vision into every aspect of curriculum, assessment and parental engagement. Senior leaders have the tools to monitor coverage, content, structure and sequencing of learning through one central curriculum.  

What’s next?

Clearly, the time for separate systems for EYFS, Primary and Secondary has passed with many schools looking to unify systems for curriculum, assessment and parental engagement.  We’ve created the system for creating better conversations about learning across the whole school and are leading the way in conversations about the impact of whole school systems in the sector. 

To find out more about the Learning Ladders whole school system, book a 15 minute live demo here

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