What is the Parent Pledge for Schools? The Ultimate Guide

Teacher communicating with three engaged-looking children in blue uniforms.

Keeping parents involved and engaged with their children’s education has been a long-standing challenge for teachers. Naturally, parents want to be kept in the loop with their child’s performance, but this has typically only been done through end-of-year reports and the occasional parents’ evening. Now, the Department for Education has outlined the “Parent Pledge”, which […]

Positive effects of parental involvement in education

child sat in parent's lap using a laptop together

Why should schools promote or encourage parental engagement in their children’s education? Shouldn’t teaching be left to the teachers? Well, yes, and no. As we’ll explore in this blog, parents have a significant role in pupils’ academic success, and there are many positive effects of parental involvement in education.  Children spend the most time with […]

5 tips to promote and enhance wellbeing in schools

Dr Sadie Hollins, Editor of  the new Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine takes a look at how schools can enhance wellbeing in schools. Wellbeing is undoubtedly more important than it has ever been. During the ongoing pandemic, schools have had to resort to creative ways to ensure that the education of students can continue. Masks […]

Wellbeing in International Schools

Picture of Dr Sadie Hollins, editor of Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine

We were delighted to host Dr Sadie Hollins, co-founder of Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, for our latest ‘fireside chat’ webinar. Wellbeing is something we’re aiming to make part of every school’s thinking by including PASS Diagnostic Assessment data within our Data Dashboard to give a whole picture of the child (for more on using […]

Making Parental Engagement World Class

child learning from home

Genuine parental engagement – adults at home actively helping with learning – has bigger impact on children’s outcomes than any other factor. It’s quite literally the best way to improve children’s success at school. But traditionally it’s been hard for schools to execute without overwhelming teachers. That’s why at Learning Ladders we’ve spent 5 years […]

Building on the Lessons from Lockdown

It’s vital that we all learn the lessons from lockdown, so it was a great pleasure to share reflections on this theme with Professor Deborah Eyre, founder and CEO at High Performance Learning. The video from the session is below.   In the session we referenced a number of things, and I’ve added links to […]

Two Thirds of Parents Now Have More Respect for Teachers After Home Learning

child learning from home

Parents’ opinions of teachers have undergone a dramatic change as a result of homeschooling during the pandemic. Two thirds of parents said their opinions of teachers have improved, according to a new survey by Learning Ladders, a primary school learning platform. The survey asked over 500 parents about their experiences of home learning, with 66% […]

Top 10 Positive Effects of Parents on Academic Achievement and How to Maximise Them

Happy mother and child reading a book together.

Getting parents actively involved in their child’s education can lead to pupils who are more confident, engaged and even more organised when it comes to their own learning. Studies have also shown that parental involvement can lead to measurable and quantifiable successes, such as improved attendance rates and higher test scores, for example.  In this […]

Engaging with Non-English-Speaking Parents

parent reading story with child.

Engaging with Non-English Speaking Parents Reaching out and engaging with non-English speaking parents can be really difficult for teachers. If you have pupils who have English as an additional language (EAL), their parents may have a limited understanding of English. If you have an interpreter, it can be much easier to communicate efficiently, but if […]