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headteacher doing paperwork
What is a School Self-Evaluation Form? Plus Quick Writing Guide
What is a School Self-Evaluation Form (SEF)? The SEF is a School Self-Evaluation Form. This is usually completed by school leaders. The SEF lays out the...
children holding hand up in class
School Report Writing: 10 Top Tips and Expert Advice for 2022
How to write a school report We would all like to think that parents thoroughly read through our carefully crafted pupil school reports. How they must...
person filling out form
Reporting to Parents in Primary School: Guidance for End of Key Stage Reports
The following, regarding reporting to parents in primary school, is taken from the government guidance for writing reports: “Headteachers have a statutory...
Are you looking for an alternative to EExAT?
It’s always daunting searching for a new solution and changing systems, so we’ve broken down our approach. With EExAT closing down, we know there’ll be...
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