Filter observations using preset or custom tags to view the exact observations you need, at the point you need them.

Practitioners’ observations of children’s development are central to delivering the four guiding principles that shape practice in early years settings.

Learning Ladders allow practitioners to filter observations using pre-set or bespoke custom tags to ensure all children develop secure foundations for learning.

Unique child

Create tags to monitor children’s individual pathways; from emotional health and wellbeing and physical health to children’s unique culture and community.

Positive relationships

Tags can be used to monitor children’s interactions and relationships, secure attachments to carers and ability to regulate feelings thoughts and behaviours.

Gain insight into children’s developing strength and independence in their positive relationships.

Enabling environments

Use tags to monitor how children develop as active learners in enabling environments.

Review how the environment enables and encourage children’s agency as they make decisions, take risks and built confidence.

Create tags to filter observations showing opportunities for development in play both indoors and outdoors. Monitor the accessibility of environments for children with health conditions or disabilities.

Rates of learning and development 

Use tags to monitor how children learn through their behaviours, dispositions and habits of mind summarised in the three Characteristic of Effective Learning.

How are tags used in Learning Ladders?

An admin user can access tags within ‘settings’ (read help guide here)

When uploading an observation simply select a tag from the pre-set or custom added tags available.

View observations in a child’s portfolio, filtering by tag to view corresponding observations.

For more information about how Learning Ladders’ EYFS module can support your setting email, or for member schools read on here to learn more about tags.