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We’ll get parents working in partnership with teachers, so learning continues at home.

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Are you a parent?

Ladders at Home enables you to view your child's curriculum alongside a bank of teacher written resources which break down the curriculum, helping you to help your child at home.

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Are you a teacher?

Share weekly updates with parents about exactly what their child is working on, and where they need help. Learning Ladders’ algorithm then recommends the right resources for each parent.

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Tools to better engage parents with your school



Parents have access to teacher-written articles which link directly to their child's Learning Ladders. Each article breaks the curriculum down into manageable chunks, explaining how the objective is taught at school and recommending ways parents can help at home.


Teachers can choose to share images of children’s classwork for parents to view at home. Each child's portfolio follows them throughout their time at the school and gives parents a historic record of their child's achievements.


The Ladders at Home site, and all of its curriculum resources, can be translated into over thirty languages at the click of a button, meaning schools can now support and engage all parents.

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Hear what our delighted customers have to say about Learning Ladders

"The school uses Learning Ladders as an assessment tool. Pupils are able to talk about Learning Ladders and their targets. Parents positively commented on this assessment tool and said they were now able to support their child at home with their targets."

— Ofsted report 2018, Gwyn Jones Primary School

"After I led the coffee morning on Tuesday, a parent emailed the school saying that after she was shown Ladders at Home, she thinks she has fallen in love!"

— Laura Karamouzis, Head of Assessments, Star International, Mirdif

"We use Ladders at Home to keep parents regularly informed about their children's progress in reading, writing and maths. They can quickly see what the child has achieved during that half term at a time which is convenient to them."

— Diana Massa, Assistant Headteacher, Hiltingbury Junior School

"I think this is an amazing tool. It provides accessible information all year round, rather than waiting for updates at parent consultations."

— Parent, The Oaks CE Learning Federation

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