Parents have access to teacher-written articles which link directly to their child's Learning Ladders. Each article breaks the curriculum down into manageable chunks, explaining how the objective is taught at school and recommending ways parents can help at home.



Teachers can choose to share images of children’s classwork for parents to view at home. Each child's portfolio follows them throughout their time at the school and gives parents a historic record of their child's achievements.



The Ladders at Home site, and all of its curriculum resources, can be translated into over thirty languages at the click of a button, meaning schools can now support and engage all parents.

Ladders at Home

Ladders at Home enables you to view your child's curriculum alongside a bank of teacher written resources which break down the curriculum, helping you to help your child at home. 

You may also be able to view your child's progress, focus points or a portfolio of their work depending on what has been shared by your school.

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Parental engagement tools from Learning Ladders

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"You really do have a fantastic team up there and we really appreciate all your support"

— Vikki Macrae, Head of KS1 and KS2, Woodlandsmeed School

Learning Ladders is a Social Enterprise set up by schools for schools.

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