Your assessment, your way

Learning Ladders doesn’t prescribe the way you should assess; you can follow Hiltingbury Junior School’s assessment or use your own formative assessment policy.


Meaningful assessment

Use the assessment information, gap analysis and analytics to inform your teaching and planning to support each individual pupil and their learning needs.


All in one place

Note your pupil assessments and immediately view pupil progress, gaps in learning and next steps across your Learning Ladders site. Upload evidence to support your formative judgements and choose to share this with parents.

Meaningful Assessments

Formatively assess the curriculum statements you have chosen to use by recording progress within Learning Ladders. Simply and easily note assessment whilst instantly viewing pupil progress, gaps in learning and individual next steps. Upload evidence to support your assessments and share this with parents.

Use your assessments to support your teaching and planning, and recognise your pupils’ gaps and next steps.

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See what people say

"You really do have a fantastic team up there and we really appreciate all your support"

— Vikki Macrae, Head of KS1 and KS2, Woodlandsmeed School

Learning Ladders is a Social Enterprise set up by schools for schools.

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