Your assessment, your way

Learning Ladders gives your school an assessment framework that aligns with your curriculum. At the click of a button, teachers can assess pupil progress against a series of 'I can' statements that represent the skills and knowledge planned in your curriculum. 

It's your school's assessment, you choose how it's implemented. 

Assessment tools in Learning Ladders

Data-informed teacher judgements

Teachers know their pupils better than any assessment platform ever can. That's why Learning Ladders provides teachers with recommended judgements but allows them to override the computer-generated data. 

Pupils and parents can be certain that reports are more than just a termly 'data dump' - they're informed by teachers' knowledge of their pupils. 

Focus on meaningful outcomes that combine the best of your teachers' professional judgement with insightful data gathered in day-to-day formative assessments. 

Teacher Judgements

Assessments seamlessly matched to your curriculum

With Learning Ladders, your assessment and curriculum tools are in the same place. This means that you know your pupil progress data is mapped against the knowledge and skills you want pupils to acquire. 

Easily see your curriculum as a series of 'I can' statements that show progress throughout each academic year. Teachers then assess against each statement to create meaningful reports for pupils, parents and school leaders. 


"An inspirational tool to ensure meaningful assessment is at the heart of all learning."

— Debbie Buckingham, Headteacher, Alphington School

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"Learning Ladders is helping us to shape a new vision for assessment for learning. Children are taking charge of their own learning and are proud of their achievements. They know their next steps and their teachers tell them how to achieve them."
John Goodey, Executive Headteacher
St John Baptist, CE Primary School