COBIS Supporting Member of the Year

Learning Ladders take Runner-Up Prize for COBIS Supporting Member of the Year.

Twelve months ago, the Learning Ladders team attended our first COBIS Conference to better understand International Schools and their needs. Over the last year, we have spent a lot of time listening to teachers, school leaders and parents, and testing system options (not least Arabic and Islamic for our UAE schools). For Learning Ladders, International Schools have been a top priority.

We’ve been lucky to start working with some of the most innovative leaders from schools across the globe. I’m continually inspired by their bravery — ditching old-fashioned tracking systems and swapping them for a more focused, child-centred assessment-for-learning tool. Time and again, that courage is rewarded by better engagement of pupils and parents, increased pupil progress and measurably improved outcomes.

One of the schools that we’ve worked with – the wonderful GEMS Royal Dubai School (KHDA Outstanding again!) nominated us for the ‘COBIS Supporting Member of the Year’ award, and I’m pleased to announce that Learning Ladders are the proud recipients of the runner-up place for that prize.

Even more humbling was when our social media feeds lit up! More of our customers and friends of Learning Ladders got in touch to congratulate us.

Congratulations to the @LearningLadder5 team! Very well deserved!

— Katie Edwards (@KatieEdsOman) May 14, 2018

Congratulations from all of us here at British School Muscat Primary. Well deserved!

— Hillary Hinchliff (@HillHinchliff) May 14, 2018

Congratulations ! Well done 🙂

— Sandra Jones (@Sandra_L_Jones) May 14, 2018

Great reward and we appreciate all of your support @LearningLadder5

— GEMS RDS (@GEMSRDS) May 14, 2018

We are genuinely humbled to receive such warm wishes from the international schools community, especially our customers. Being award-winners is one thing, but knowing that teachers and school leaders are cheering us on and pleased to see us succeed is even more important to us.

Thank you to all the schools we work with and those that we’ve talked to. We’re looking forward to continuing to help you succeed and improve the quality of learning in your school.

Read the full submission below:


The COBIS Supporting Member of the Year award was announced at the COBIS (Council of British International Schools) Exhibition, with Learning Ladders receiving the runners-up award for our work supporting international schools.

GEMS Royal Dubai School is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have used Learning Ladders since 2015. Since then, they have had KHDA inspections which have ranked it in the top schools within the Emirate of Dubai.

What is Learning Ladders and how has it helped at Royal Dubai School?

“Learning Ladders is a formative assessment tool that puts children in charge of their own learning. It enables parents to engage with their child’s learning and continue it outside the classroom. Its easy-to-use functionality ensures all teachers are able to assess fluently, easily, and adapt it to their own style. Learning Ladders has helped us with our curriculum development over the last few years, making sure that it fits our own unique needs.”

What impact has this project had on your school community? 

“Learning Ladders has enabled us to tailor our learning to the children. It has made teaching easier, ensured consistency across the school and with their fantastic parent portal, has allowed parents to engage with their child’s school life.

Learning Ladders also helped us to get an Outstanding grade for our KHDA inspection saying: “They (pupils) showed genuine enthusiasm and interest in their learning. They confidently evaluated their work and used ‘Learning Ladders’ within lessons to help focus their learning. Students were keen to meet their individual targets.” It’s refreshing and lovely to see the KHDA appreciate it as much as we do.

Learning Ladders helped develop our bespoke site to fit our needs. In helping us do this, we have developed Arabic and Islamic ladders, which we have been able to share with other neighbouring schools.”

Why do you think this project should win the COBIS Supporting Member of the Year Award?

“Learning Ladders enables pupils to take ownership and feel part of their own learning journey.

Their care and customer service enable problems to be sorted quickly, ensuring all customers receive a high level of service. More importantly, they treat us as partners rather than customers and assist us, parents and children with getting the best out of their easy-to-use system. The fact they listen and act on feedback to continuously improve their service ensures Learning Ladders maintains a high level of customer service and constantly evolves with the changing education landscape – it’s always fresh and new.”

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