Are you looking for an alternative to EExAT ?

It’s always daunting searching for a new solution and changing systems, so we’ve broken down our approach. With EExAT closing down, we know there’ll be plenty of schools looking for a reliable, simple-to-use EYFS individual progress tracker, that they can roll out easily, with minimal disruption to staff and learning.

That’s where the Learning Ladders EYFS tracking software comes in – it’s the most sensible alternative to EExAT.

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Who created the module?

Jan Dubiel

Our EYFS module was designed originally in partnership with early years specialist, Jan Dubiel, who also designed EExAT, and continues to evolve in consultation with experienced practitioners from our member schools.

The module provides the tools and functionality to deliver the requirements of the statutory framework for the early years 2021.  
It’s also built (and crucially maintained!) using the same cutting-edge technology as the rest of Learning Ladders.

Is the EYFS module only for existing Learning Ladders schools?

The module provides the specialist tools for early years curriculum design, assessment, reporting and parent communication and can be purchased as a standalone module. 
This means you don’t have to already be an existing Learning Ladders school to take advantage of our EYFS tracker – although it works best when combined with all our other great features.
Interestingly, the origin of the module comes from existing teachers spotting the solution for better transitions between EYFS and Key Stage 1, so the EYFS module is designed to be activated as part of a whole school system too.

Is it easy to switch?

Definitely! We provide all the necessary training and support to make switching over from your existing EYFS development tracker straightforward. Simply set up an integration with your MIS, or import your students, users and parents in a quick & easy file.

Customise your system in a few easy steps and the system is ready to use. This means little to no disruption for your teachers with this alternative to EExAT, and no complicated new software to learn. Everything about the Learning Ladders EYFS module is intuitive, user-friendly and simple.

How much does it cost?

We’ll match your EExAT subscription so your budgets wont be impacted.

Book a no-obligation 1:1 conversation with the team to find out about pricing for your setting – it will depend on your pupil numbers and requirements.

What makes Learning Ladders different from other EYFS trackers?

Flexible curriculum tools

Import your own bespoke curriculum objectives or use non-statutory framework Development Matters 2020 (with the added bonus of further embedded notes from early years specialist Jan Dubiel).

observation manager

Observation manager

Achieve enhanced monitoring with our unique observation manager. There are options to upload observations from a tablet or desktop, upload multiple media files and assign your bespoke curriculum objectives.

parent portal

Translatable parent portal

Everything in the parent portal can be translated into 100+ languages, including observations, two-way messaging and home learning. Parents are made partners in supporting learning, with options for parents to submit observations and articles to build confidence and unlock terminology to promote involvement.


Professional Judgements & Reporting

Customisable attainment and progress descriptors for the early years allow practitioners to record professional judgements using a school’s unique assessment policy. Reports for senior leaders and governors, or to take to progress meetings, are simple to create and analyse.

How do I contact the team?

Book a no-obligation 1:1 conversation with the team to find out about pricing for your setting – it will depend on your pupil numbers and requirements.

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