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Quickly and easily design, deliver, monitor and improve teaching and learning in-school and at-home, during COV19 and beyond.

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Best in Class Assessment and Tracking

Spreadsheets and data drops are things of the past.Schools now integrate live assessment into teaching, with automated tracking.

Reclaim Assessment for Learning

Learning-Centred Parental Engagement

Give parents all the information they need to support learning at home. Schools now do this automatically, with zero effort for teachers.

Unlock Parent Power

Powerful alone. Better together.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every learner is scaffolded in class and at home by informed adults, and those adults have all the tools they need at their fingertips.

Whether you start with our best-in-class tracker, or our game-changing parent portal, when you’re ready we can link the two together for seamless learning support.

Additional modules including Flipped Learning, Homework, Online Portfolios, Livechat, and CPD mean you can build a package that works for you, and only pay for what you use. We can even build bespoke options for you.

Whatever you need, your Learning Ladders system will grow with you.

What is Learning Ladders?

How it works


Tailored to you

We’ll create a beautiful, bespoke, cloud-based solution just for you, for less than the price of a traditional tracker.

Learning Ladders can be configured to support any school, teaching any curriculum, in any language: it’s the world’s most flexible system.

We guarantee a 10% saving compared to any legacy tracker system.
Seamless set up

Seamless set up

We’ll connect to your Management Information System so all your data is right where you need it: no imports, no hassle.

You’ll receive a secure and seamless service, minimizing the amount of disruption and allowing you to continue with business as usual.

Start amazing conversations in class

Start amazing conversations in class

Every child gets a unique individual Learning Journey plan booklet, with key objectives for each subject, topic and year group set out for them.

This means they know exactly what's expected of them, how to achieve it, and forms the basis of our ‘Structured Conversations’.

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborate with colleagues

Learning Ladders is a dynamic process of continuous improvement. The structure encourages collaboration between colleagues, be that in school, or across MATs and clusters.

Use the Knowledge Base to access exemplar lesson plans, moderated work, and useful resources all chosen by colleagues and so tailored perfectly to your own school.

Focus on what matters

Focus on what matters

Forget termly data dumps. Learning Ladders gives teachers live Gap Analysis showing exactly what each child has and hasn’t yet mastered.

No child is left behind and every child makes progress at an appropriate pace for them. Make this as granular as you like, or simply use overall professional Teacher Judgement.

Unlock parent power

Unlock parent power

We’ll get parents working in partnership with teachers, so learning continues at home.

Our parent portal shares weekly updates with parents about exactly what their child is working on, and where they need help. Crucially, and uniquely, Learning Ladders’ algorithm then recommends just the right resources for each parent, so they’re supported.

The information you need, simply.

The information you need, simply.

Our powerful and intuitive analytics and reporting tools replace your old spreadsheets or tracker with a more reliable source of information on each child.

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, yet in a simplified, more user-friendly format that works for you.

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Hear what our delighted customers have to say about Learning Ladders

"The school uses ‘Learning Ladders’ as an assessment tool. Pupils are able to talk about Learning Ladders and their targets. Parents positively commented on this assessment tool and said they were now able to support their child at home with their targets."

— Ofsted report 2018, Gwyn Jones Primary School

"I like all the new additions, they certainly enhance the site especially the Gap Analysis and ability to print grids. The Grids look a really manageable way to work with children and parents"

— Paul Sutton, Deputy Head Teacher, Butlers Court School

"Can I just tell you that Insights has revolutionised my data collection and analysis! Thank you! It’s all on one page and can be combined in multiple ways."

— Sarah Dunning, Head Teacher, St. Peter’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School

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