Did you know that you can now have 2-way conversations with your parents about Homework, Pupil Reports and Portfolio evidence?

Why is 2-way communication between teachers and parents important?

“Education is a conversation, not a transfusion”
Sir Ken Robinson

Learning Ladders create the conditions for conversations about learning to take place; conversations between teachers and students, teachers and parents, parents and students.

Parental involvement with learning focuses on moral support, providing guidance and developing attitudes toward learning.  This only happens when parents feel supported and informed about the learning taking place in school.

Learning Ladders commissioned its own research into parental involvement.

The outcome? Stark statistics such as 93% of parents wanting more information about how they can help their child’s learning at home and fundamentally, more information about what their child is learning, why and how it is taught.

How can schools achieve this? A whole school improvement system providing 2-way communication between teachers and parents.

Which features can teachers and parents use 2-way communication?


Share photographs, videos or audio files with parents and engage in 2-way conversations.

Feedback from parents informs future teaching and learning, creating a joined up picture of a child’s progress.


Engage with parents in response to a piece of home learning assigned to their child and shared to Ladders at Home.

Feedback from parents informs future teaching and learning in school, creating a joined up picture of a child’s progress.  Parents can view the conversation within the piece of homework.

Parent View                                                     Teacher View  

Pupil Report

Communicate easily with parents in response to a Pupil Report.

Reduce workload and easily manage the whole Pupil Reports process within Learning Ladders.

How can teachers manage this communication, at scale?

Teachers have a dedicated ‘Notifications’ feature in Learning Ladders.  Within this feature, they can view and respond to all messages sent to them.

Manageable with no extra strain on teacher workloads, all in one system.


If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the 2 way communication contact the team at hello@learningladders.info