A Flexible Early Years Model

What is your number one early years requirement as an international early years setting?

We’ve built the early years module that practitioners have been asking for.

Specific early years functionality for your curriculum design, assessment, and parent communication, in addition to the highly-rated tools Learning Ladders Primary is renowned for.

To get started, and to see the benefits for yourself, simply activate the early years module within your existing Learning Ladders system and create the ultimate transition-to-primary tool for early years practitioners. Alternatively, you can easily set it up as a standalone system for your Early Years setting.

Making informed professional judgements is easy when your assessments, observations and parental contributions are all in one system.

It’s as great as it sounds, and is the ONLY  tool created specifically in response to the updated statutory framework 2021.

Here are just seven reasons why early years practitioners are already loving our new module:

  1. Ability to import or design your own curriculum
  2. Customise your attainment and progress descriptors
  3. Translate observations, home learning and help articles for parents
  4. Improve transition with one whole school system for early years and primary 
  5. Easy to interpret, consistent reporting to SLT and governors 
  6. One Parent Communication tool for parents in both Early Years and Primary, no more multi-login for different systems
  7. Pre-written notes for practitioners to guide them through the new framework

Every teacher knows that the best transition is based on a continuation of learning, so we’ve kept this at the heart of our new early years module.

EYFS Module Web Page

What makes our early years module stand out from the rest?


Early years teachers know best – they know what they want children in their setting to learn, and the most effective ways to teach it.

Our module makes the most of this, by providing the tools that make it easier to communicate this information to senior leaders, teachers, parents and children.


Utilise the non-statutory Development Matters 2020 framework or import your own curriculum.


Ensure every child feels valued and use tools to design a curriculum that represents the interests and contexts or every unique child.


Create a central curriculum that’s visible for all year groups, with notes and resources for phase leaders to communicate pedagogy and best practice.


Set the foundation for perfectly pitched learning opportunities built from prior experiences.  

All features are geared towards making the transition between early years and primary seamless – meaning less upheaval and more success for your classes.

Time Saving

Automated migration from early years to primary means no hassle transition between systems.

Progress Accelerating

Never lose developmental information in a seperate system again. Year one teachers plan perfectly pitched lessons from day one.


Assessment, observations and parent communication remains visible for years to come. Children’s foundation learning is always important.


Reclaim your time to interact with children and record only meaningful information – we’re putting the child back at the centre of practice.


A choice of up to 4 attainment progress descriptors. A seperate assessment policy for the unique requirements of the foundation stage.

Workload Banishing

A no ‘tick list’ approach to assessment in line with recommendations from the latest frameworks (and no formative assessments required for individual objectives in the curriculum).


The same simple to create, visual reporting the foundation stage to bring early years in line with the rest of the school. There’s even the added bonus of a specific phase leader report for the early years phase leader.

Even our observations tools deliver above the rest:

  • Upload multiple files to each observation to monitor progress more effectively
  • Additional filtering tools for phase leaders in the Observation Manager 
  • Custom tags for phase leader monitoring against identified areas of improvement 
  • Observation Map providing a visible representation of the development recorded in your observation, against your bespoke curriculum objectives

Parent Partnerships

One easy-to-use system for parents, no more stressing over needing multiple logins to different platforms to support children in different phases

The new early years module integrates fully with other phases in the Learning Ladders system. This means parents can check in on how all their children are getting on – all on one system, no matter their age.


  • Observations both ways with two-way communications
  • Share articles to upskill parents

Establish long- lasting partnerships with parents and benefit from one whole school communication system with Ladders at Home.


One parent account from early years through primary, making progress visible for multiple siblings learning across different phases.


Tools for parents to share observations from home to create a holistic picture of development.


Remove barriers to parent involvement in learning with parent articles for every area of learning, translatable in 100+ languages.

“The best part is how you can personalise ladders to really reflect your setting and the curriculum implemented. We are very much looking forward to continuing our exploration of the new EYFS Learning Ladders platform as it simplifies things for our teachers and head teachers”
Sara Al-Aswad
Head of EYFS Smart Vision School, Dubai
“We are grateful that the Education team at Learning Ladders are quick to respond to queries and requests for help. We received support to create our own ladders to track progress and attainment in phonics, and will soon use this knowledge to create Spanish language ladders as we are a bilingual school”
Nicole Wait
Academic Director, The Casco School, Panama

Online Portfolios

We want to remove the barriers that stop many parents from being more involved in their child’s education.

One of these barriers is knowing what your child is learning during the day.

So, through our online portfolios parents get:

Teachers are in control over which evidence is shared with parents, and when.

Two-way communication between teacher and parent brings this evidence to life and further promotes parental involvement.

Sharing portfolios with pupils promotes pupil voice, reflection and active participation in their own learning development.

Self-Marking Homework

What if homework could be easy for teachers to set and track while being engaging, specific and relevant for pupils? With our innovative school homework management system, you can create interesting homework tasks, share relevant resources and track pupils’ progress as they go – all in one place. Some key features of our system include:

A fast and flexible school homework management system

Our innovative school homework management system is designed to save teachers time when setting homework tasks. Using our portal, teachers can quickly set assignments to suit the needs of their class. It’s easy to assign subjects, due dates, and time goals that both you and your students can keep track of.

Attach helpful links and resources to make sure students can access all the information and resources they need at home with just a click. Parents can also easily view the content, support their child, and communicate with teachers.

Our all-in-one portal is the ultimate way to streamline the homework process and build strong communication around home-learning between teachers, pupils, and parents.

Save time with our self-marking homework option

Our self-marking homework management system takes the heavy lifting out of marking 30 pieces of homework (and anything that saves teachers time is a win in our book!).

Using our system, teachers can signal the correct answer for each question when they create multiple-choice or Yes/No questions in a homework task. Once a student completes the task, they’ll receive their score instantly at home via our self-marking technology.

Without the pressure of large amounts of marking, teachers can allocate more time to focus on other aspects of students’ work, such as free text answers. Teachers can also cover more curriculum content in their homework assignments, knowing that students will receive instant feedback and corrections.

Self-marked scores will provide quick and meaningful data for teachers, clearly flagging up which areas of a topic need more attention in the next class. This gives teachers more time to prepare and tailor their lessons to suit the needs of their class, in response to homework tasks.

Find and share high-quality resources with ease

Finding the right resource to share with pupils for home learning tasks is often the biggest drain on a teacher’s time. With our Curriculum Lab search tool, teachers can quickly and easily access hundreds of high-quality resources from our curated partners, including the BBC* and Oak Academy. With our school homework management system, teachers can be rest assured that all their sources are age-appropriate, relevant and approved for teaching.

Pupils can then easily access all the appropriate information they need to complete their assignments at home. This will help students feel confident in their research and reading, and allow them to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

Track each student’s progress as they go

Keeping track of pupil participation and following up tasks with constructive feedback can be difficult. Through our system, teachers can easily keep track of exactly how much progress pupils have made with each task. See who has completed each piece of work and who is struggling to finish the tasks in real-time. 

With our homework management system teachers can also view scores and percentages for both self-marked and teacher-marked work, all in one place. Having all of this data in one accessible portal makes it much easier to assess students’ understanding of a topic. Teachers can then give students prompt feedback to encourage them, or set further tasks to challenge them, depending on their performance.

What is the benefit for students?
How are parents supported?

To find out more about our all-in-one school homework management system and how it can benefit your school, book a demo today.

*BBC Bitesize is only available in the United Kingdom

Automated Pupil Reports

Teachers say they spend 35+ hours on average on their reports – that’s 5 full working days! So, when we looked at Pupil Reports our starting point was simple. How do we make reports:

How it works

  1. Turn the information we already have on every individual pupil’s achievements and gaps across all subjects into an easy-to-understand report.
  2. Our reports contain key achievements, areas for development, and links to portfolios and tutorials.
  3. Teachers can then focus on what matters: those all-important personal comments (and even these can be automated based on predefined comments.)
The system will then automatically:
Parents will get:

We’ll also provide access to comprehensive support throughout the Reporting process, offering free webinars, tutorials and training.

Involve Parents

What parents do with their children at home is much more significant than any other factor open to educational influence.

Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003

So why not make parent engagement with schoolwork as easy as possible?

We know parents – and they’re telling us they want to know more about what their children are learning at school, and why. What goes on in the classroom is a mystery to so many parents – so how can you expect them to support their children’s’ learning once they’re home?

We know it’s easier said than done. Teachers often feel like they’re being pulled in a hundred directions, and there’s no time to sit down with teachers and say: “here’s what we’re learning, and why. Here’s what you can do to build on this at home.”

So, we developed the Parent Portal.

It’s designed to help you:

Have a look at the portal itself, and see how it can help engage parents at your school. There’s plenty of curriculum help for parents, resources to help them get involved with schoolwork, and more:

By involving parents in education, you give them the tools to boost their children’s learning at home, too. This means: 

  • Children loving what they learn and being more engaged in the classroom.
  • Better parent support with homework and tests.
  • More effective action if a child is struggling in the classroom.
  • Parents are better able to provide educational activities at home.
  • Overall improvement in grades and pupil satisfaction.

Setting up the parent portal couldn’t be easier. It’s connected to your school’s MIS system, meaning all the data you need is in the system from the get-go. All you need to do is start sharing, decide what information you want parents to access, and they’ll have all they need to get involved with their child’s learning.

Ready to bridge the gap between home and the classroom? Book a demo of Learning Ladders below, or explore one of our other award-winning features.

Meaningful Data and Analysis

An easy and secure school pupil tracker

Whether it’s about assessments or in-class performance, your data should always improve the learning and teaching experience. Otherwise, what’s the point in collecting it? If it can’t help you identify problem areas and implement effective changes, then you’re not unlocking its full value.

What’s more, transforming that data into readable reports all by yourself is not just an added burden in a busy term. It’s a time-consuming process that might actively take attention away from other important duties.

Fortunately, Learning Ladders’ core features have been carefully designed to help your students and your school achieve excellence. The secure school pupil tracker tools we provide can completely revolutionise the way you approach data handling in schools, making it easier and quicker than ever before.

How does Learning Ladders accomplish this?

The data you’ll get from our secure pupil tracking software is:

  • Sophisticated and comprehensive, covering a wide range of needs.
  • Presented well in a clear layout to avoid confusion.
  • Easy to access and understand for teachers, parents, and SLT alike.
  • A meaningful way to demonstrate pupil progress and development.

This robust software allows you to visualise the data in different ways. If you want to look at an overview of grades for a whole subject, it’s there at the click of a button. The same goes for individual classes or full cohorts.

Using these options, Senior Leaders will be able to assess what’s going on in the school, planning interventions before a weak spot becomes an issue. It’s perfect for schools who want to become proactive at solving problems. No more fighting fires.

Who will benefit from using our secure pupil tracking software?

Teachers and SLT

The data from the secure school pupil tracker helps teachers manage and track mixed ability groups, allowing them to always pitch appropriate lessons for their students. Knowing when to use differentiated learning activities is easier than ever, as there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll be able to see at a glance who can do what already, and which students need a bit of extra support.

Best of all, the collected data can be used to create automated reports, saving staff members valuable time.

Parents and Guardians

We’ve made sure that the data our secure school pupil tracker tools collect isn’t exclusively useful for those in the teaching profession. Through our Parent Portal, you can also provide clear, accurate information for parents and guardians on their child’s progress. This allows you to celebrate accomplishments and plan out routes to help pupils succeed.

For more information about how you can involve parents in their child’s learning experience, click here.


By highlighting areas for improvement in class and at home, we’ve made it easy to differentiate learning to suit children’s needs as individuals. This is a sure path to increasing attainment and reducing their frustration with the level of work – one of the leading causes of disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

Ultimately, no-one benefits more from secure and effective pupil tracking than the pupils themselves.

Ask us for a personal consultation and we’ll show you how, in the context of your school.

A Tailored Algorithm

For a long time schools have had to accept poor data because systems couldn’t be tailored to their exact curriculum, or to their exact assessment policy, or because they weren’t able to tailor the underlying ‘black box’ algorithm to the specific context of their school.

If any of these elements are missing you’ll get bad data.

That’s why so many teacher’s experience of using old-fashioned tracking systems is one of frustration, of workarounds, and one of manipulating the raw data to get the ‘calculated’ judgements they know to be fair.

So as well as enabling a fully customizable curriculum, and customised assessment policy, Learning Ladders is the only system that also allows each school to see and customise their algorithm.

For example, traditional tracking systems all assume and calculate progress as linear – a third in each of 3 terms – and that every subject is assessed in the same way. This makes great sense if you run a tech company because it’s the simplest way, but no sense at all if you’re a teacher because learning is messy, and that’s not what happens in the real world.

So with Learning Ladders we do it more accurately, more realistically, and you set expectations, and assessment pacing, on a subject and term level.

Your curriculum, in any language

Every school is unique, with their own unique curriculum.

Your Learning Ladders system will be quickly, and easily, set up to mirror your own curriculum. And can be changed as you grow.

No workarounds, no compromises, no expensive setup.

Your curriculum won’t simply be a tick list for us to work through.
We’ll make sure to:

Our own award-winning curriculum frameworks

Are available ‘off the shelf’ for all core and foundation subjects, plus the old and updated curricula for Early Years.

We also have regional curricula, such as the full suite of Arabic, Islamic, Moral and Social Education for UAE schools.

Flexibility at the core

Import your own versions, in a single click, to automatically populate your system.

Use our unique ‘drag and drop’ curriculum sequencing tool to manage your curriculum yourself, no need for technical support or training.

Run parallel curricula, or intervention curricula for some children.

Update your curriculum but retain all your historical data.
Assess some parts of your curriculum differently

Add moderated work, policies, external resources or even curated resources from our partners

Book a consultation and let us show you.

Any Assessments

What does our student assessment and school tracking software do?

Our handy pupil assessment tracker software will enable you to easily manage both internal formative and external summative and diagnostic assessments. The assessment software will provide you with benchmarked data across national and international samples and have a complete picture of each child by adding external assessment and diagnostic data, including CAT4 and PASS. The software will also highlight Key Performance Indicators, include any exemplars that are available, and show moderated and marked work.

Our student tracking system will help you to manage all of your assessments and view your pupils’ progress. Students will also have access, so that they can view their marked and moderated work.

You can even tailor the pupil assessment tracker to your preferred assessment language and abbreviations. That’s not all, you can even choose your own colour scheme! You can set expectations and your own assessment pacing for a particular subject and term level. This means that you can use the system to reflect what you need and cater it to your students. For example, if you teach a mastery approach in some subjects, then you can cater the software to track this. Likewise, if you’re based in a part of the world where one term is disrupted by external factors, you can include this, so that it doesn’t affect your data algorithm.

How will our student tracking system and assessment software help you?

Our tailored algorithm will benefit both your teachers, pupils and parents because you can ensure that your algorithm meets your pupils individual needs. By using a tailored algorithm our school assessment software will ensure that both teachers and parents goals are the same. Parents will be able to help and support their child’s learning by seeing how they are progressing in particular areas.

Why does a tailored algorithm matter?

For far too long, schools have had to accept poor quality data. Their systems couldn’t be tailored to their exact curriculum and their exact assessment policy. Or, they weren’t able to tailor the underlying ‘black box’ algorithm to the specific context of their school. This ultimately led to teachers being frustrated, needing to find workarounds or manipulate the raw data to get the ‘calculated’ judgements they know to be fair. Our system is the only one that allows each school to see and customise their algorithm. This means that you will be able to get accurate data, which is a fair and accurate representation of your pupils’ achievements and progression. This will be more useful for teachers and students.

Our student assessment tracking software is really easy to use. You can set up your system quickly, and easily tailor it to your own requirements. Your teachers will be able to cater the software to their curriculum and get exact data for each pupil. By setting your own requirements it can reflect real-world policies and support every teacher with every lesson.

Our pupil assessment tracking software will help you and your teachers to become more specific and accurate with assessment data, grading and directing your teaching to meet your students’ individual needs. It will also ensure that you get fewer edge or boundary cases. It also removes the need for teachers to fake data or take it out of your system, so there’s no more secret black box.

What makes our pupil assessment tracking software different?

Our assessment software for schools is the only one that allows each school to see and customise their own algorithm. This is because if you use a school tracking software that assumes progress is linear, every subject will be assessed in the same way. Then, it can’t be tailored to your individual school circumstance and children only learn within their registration year, so the data will always be wrong or inaccurate. By customising your algorithm, you can account for absence, or any kind of circumstance that may hugely affect assessments and progress.

  • Set expectations and assessment pacing on a subject and term level. Get the system to reflect what you need. E.g. If you teach a mastery approach in some subjects. Or if you’re based in a part of the world where one term is disrupted by external factors.
  • Be more specific and more accurate to ensure you get fewer edge cases.
  • Remove the need for teachers to fake data or take it out of your system. No more secret black box.

Not only that, but you can ask us for a personal consultation and book a demonstration of how our services work. We strive to always be pupil centred at Learning ladders, so children can take ownership of their own learning and progression.

Book a Demo

Engage Children

“Education is a conversation, not a transfusion” – Sir Ken Robinson.

Our approach is much more than tech. It’s about encouraging children to be active agents in their learning. Our Pupil Statements and Pupil Booklets are just one example.

See a real-time snapshot of where each pupil is in their learning journey through our pupil statements Teachers have the flexibility to select students, subjects, rung years and to choose to filter for KPI rungs.