Software Features

Meaningful Data and Analysis

Your data should improve teaching and learning. If not, what’s the point of it?

So not only is the data within Learning Ladders extremely sophisticated, it’s very simple to access and digest, with specific sections designed with different users in mind.

Teachers need to know who can do what already, and who can’t. Only then can they plan and differentiate learning.

No more unnecessary diagnostics. No more inappropriately pitched lessons. No more confused students being set inappropriate tasks.

Ask us for a personal consultation and we’ll show you how, in the context of your school.

Who is this Feature for?

  • SLT
  • Teachers
Karen Edwards
Headteacher, The Heights Primary School
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As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centered, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals.

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