We have 10 core features to make the lives of parents, teachers and senior management teams easier than ever before.
Your curriculum, in any language

Every school is unique, with their own unique curriculum.

Any Assessments
You can manage both formative and summative assessments, and focus each on its intended purpose.
A tailored algorithm
For far too long schools have had to accept poor quality data.
Meaningful Data & Analysis
Your data should improve teaching and learning. If not, what’s the point of it?
Engage Children
“Education is a conversation, not a transfusion” – Sir Ken Robinson.
Involve Parents
“What parents do with their children at home is much more significant than any other factor open to educational influence” (Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003).
Automated end of term reports
Teachers say they spend 35+ hours on average on their reports – that’s 5 full working days! So, when we looked at Pupil Reports our starting point was simple.
Self-Marking Homework
What if homework could be easy for teachers to set and track while being engaging, specific and relevant for pupils?
Online work portfolio
We want to remove the barriers that stop many parents from being more involved in their child’s education.
A module for specific early years functionality for your curriculum design, assessment, and parent communication, in addition to the highly-rated tools Learning Ladders Primary is renowned for.

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