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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – the “why” of student-level data

Zoom Conference

Student-level data can have a bad rep, and still carries a degree of toxicity for educators worldwide. In this webinar, Matt Koster-Marcon, CEO of Learning Ladders, will chat with data expert, Matthew Savage, founder of #themonalisaeffect, and Jeni Dellman, Primary Headteacher at British School Muscat, about the different reasons why schools use data, dividing them

Planning proactive lessons and interventions in response to baseline assessment

Zoom Conference

The start of the new academic year serves the optimum opportunity to proactively plan for learning and interventions from baseline assessments. Effective baseline assessment supports teachers to identify focus areas or areas for additional support and offer insights that may not be picked up through observations alone. Join Learning Ladders' Education Specialist and former teacher,

How to buy EdTech

“Everything works somewhere, but nothing works everywhere’ is a truism for education attributed to Dylan Wiliam. So how do schools know whether to invest in EdTech or not, and if so which provider and system? I've been asked to share some inside advice as part of the Cornerstone Academy Trust's EdTech Festival (in my role

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