Save hours creating Pupil Reports. Each pupil’s strengths and challenges pull through from your assessments.

Wouldn’t it be great if end of year pupil reports were;

  • Simple, quick and joyful for teachers to create
  • Highly personalised, capturing granular details for each child
  • Useful and meaningful for pupils and parents

Teachers report on average spending 35+ hours on their reports
– that’s 5 full working days!!

With Learning Ladders, managing the process of creating, signing off and publishing reports is easy.

The tech is seamless,  strengths and challenges are pulled through from formative assessments already added to the system, so no more doubling up on work.


But what is the impact of sharing this information?

Learning Ladders know that genuine parental engagement – adults at home actively helping with learning – has bigger impact on children’s outcomes than any other factor.

And with primary aged children they absolutely have to support learning tasks, not just supervise them.

Therefore, it is important that schools share explicit learning goals with parents so that they know exactly what pupils are learning in school.

Engaging parents as co-scaffolders of ongoing learning goes beyond sharing information sporadically at parents evening or at the end of the year.

Pupil Reports can be used a part of an ongoing, whole school parental engagement strategy within Ladders at Home (our parent portal).

Watch our webinar hosted by Learning Ladders CEO and Founder Matt to find out why sharing explicit strengths and challenges with parents leads to improved learning outcomes for students.

Read Matt’s blog to find out more about Pupil Reports.

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