Are your students taking co-ownership of their curriculum journey? Print Pupil Statements and share objectives with your students.

What are Pupil Statements?

Pupil Statements generate a statement of an individual pupil’s assessments within each subject, Ladder and rung.  The Pupil Statements are designed to stimulate conversation between teacher and pupil to allow pupil’s to become co-owners of their learning.

How do I create a Pupil Statement?

Within ‘Students’ a user can ‘view’ a student and then select ‘Pupil Statement’.

  • Select any subject set up in your Learning Ladders
  • No limit to how often you create a statement or how many subjects you create statements for!
  • Option to select rung years outside of academic year group
  • Discretion to include year group label or remove for children working on rungs outside of their academic year group.
  • Filter the rungs to display your school’s KPI rungs only
  • Print the statements Right to Left if needed

What are the benefits of Pupil Statements?

Schools who encourage pupils to be independent learners and to take co ownership of learning see improved learning outcomes.  Creating the conditions for conversations to take place between teachers and pupils about their learning leads to higher quality conversations between parents and pupils at home- an important factor when the research shows that;

“What parents do with their children at home is much more significant than any other factor open to educational influence” (Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003).

If pupils are used to articulating about their learning in school, they will be able to articulate their learning with parents at home.

Sharing pupil statements with pupils allows pupils to understand what they have already learned, what is currently being learned and what learning is to come, which is essential preparation for independent learning at home and remotely.