Photos and Videos can bring your pupil report to life, add evidence for each subject.

Genuine parental engagement – adults at home actively helping with learning – has bigger impact on children’s outcomes than any other factor.

So our new development enabling users to bring their Pupil Reports to life with photo or video evidence is a sure way to engage and communicate to parents what their child has been learning in school.

Choose and build the elements you’d like to include in your report.

The result? Fully personalised, custom-made reports reflecting the identity and ethos of your school.


What’s more, the reports can be downloaded for parents to share with other adults involved in a student’s life.

Because at Learning Ladders we know that true parental engagement is achieved when all of the adults in a child’s life are in sync, saying the same things, at the same time.

What is the impact on students?

Independent learners who take co-ownership of their learning are built through communication with teachers and parents.  The ability to add photos and videos as evidence in Pupil Reports offers an opportunity for pupil voice, shared conversation and celebration of learning.

No other system brings Pupil reports to life quite like ours; specific feedback at objective level, custom attributes, photos and videos for each subject, quick and easy process saving teachers over 30 hours!

And, because we’re passionate about the impact Parental Engagement has on improving student outcomes, we have written numerous blogs and hold webinars frequently on all aspects, including Pupil Reports.

Why not grab a coffee and take 5 minutes to read this blog by our founder and CEO, Matthew Koster Marcon all about our Pupil Reports, or take a listen to one of our webinars about parental engagement here.