Learn how Learning Ladders helped a previously failing school to make outstanding progress

How Ridgeway Primary Academy became the number one school in the country for writing progress

If you’re considering introducing Learning Ladders to your school, then you’ll want to see how we have helped other schools to improve outcomes for pupils. Read about Ridgeway Primary Academy’s journey from failing school status to number one in the UK for writing progress with Learning Ladders. In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How Ridgeway used Learning Ladders to develop its own bespoke assessment system
  • How the tool has reduced teacher workload
  • How Learning Ladders is supporting progress by enabling pupils’ learning to lead the teaching

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ridgeway Primary Academy

“Since this transition, we have become the number one mainstream school – out of 23,500 across England – for progress in writing. We have achieved this through brilliant teaching and the help of Learning Ladders’ fantastic assessment system.”

— Alex Golden, Head of School, Ridgeway Primary Academy

Learning Ladders

Actionable conversations about progress

Create a bespoke curriculum for your school, or use our curriculum statements and subject ladders where you choose. Combined with pupils’ individual progress booklets, teachers and pupils can plan for success.

With Learning Ladders, formative assessment drives discussions about each child’s needs, allowing them to fully understand their next steps.