Simple, transparent pricing. Pay only for what you need.
Discount for qualifying maintained schools available.

School Only

Best for schools looking to take control of their data.
£ 0.65 MONTHLY
  • Unlimited Frameworks
  • Full Customisation
  • Attainment Tracking
  • Progress Tracking
  • Gap Analysis
  • Intervention Tracking
  • Helpdesk Support
  • MIS Integration*

School & Home

Best for schools looking to take control of their data, save teacher time, and keep parents happy.
£ 0.85 MONTHLY
  • Everything in School
  • End-of-Term Reports
  • Homework
  • Parent Platform
  • Parent Comms
  • Student Portfolios
  • Parent Guides
  • 100+ Languages
  • Assignments


For large schools (400+), School Groups, MATs or any schools with specific needs.
  • Multi-site setup
  • Data Dashboards
  • Power BI
  • Consultancy
  • Bespoke Support
  • Bespoke Development

Frequently asked questions

Yes – maintained schools are eligible for a discount of up to 30% on membership, ask us for details.

Yes! Our standard pricing is for a minimum of 3 years, renewing in cycles of 3 years.
We also offer pricing for 5-year membership cycles, and annual membership cycles.
Just contact us to discuss which works best for you.

No problem, we’re used to this!
You can add/remove students at any time, and reconcile your actual numbers against your forecasted numbers at the end of each subscription year to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.
Yes! Just contact your account manager and they will arrange this for you at any time.

We have modules designed specifically for Early Years and Primary, and many schools will also choose to use Learning Ladders for KS3 too, which is absolutely fine.
We suggest discussing Secondary with us so we can check if it will meet your specific needs. We do not recommend Learning Ladders for Secondary-only settings at this time.

We bill annually for 12 months from the date the membership starts. We can flex this in your first year to extend your first invoice if you need to align with your budget cycles, that’s no problem.
We’re currently investigating offering pay-monthly payment plans via our online payment partners, but it is not yet possible.

Yes – but it’s just £500 a year. Every new school will also need to take the setup and training bundle.
We appreciate that many very small settings would love to use Learning Ladders too.

We accept all payments except cash and cheque, so credit card payments are fine.
Just check the fees applied by our bank are budgeted for too.

Book a School Demo

If you’d prefer to discuss your requirements with us, simply book a free demo – we’ll be happy to take you on a personal tour!