Quick Wins and School Improvement in Challenging Times

School Improvement is always on the agenda, even in challenging times. Great schools never stand still.

Our latest webinar focusses on the actions shown to have the greatest impact upon student’s achievement.

Lots of quick wins that are easy to implement. And that will have an immediate and long-lasting impact.

Why not upskill parents, at scale, so they know exactly HOW to help at home?

It’s been shown time and again this has the biggest impact on school improvement. And it’s even more important than ever in lockdown. We show how to do this without overloading teachers. It’s not enough to send work home for parents to supervise. If remote learning is to be effective then parents need to be shown how to help. And we can automate that so it’s no work for teachers. And our pre-written explanations cover Reading, Writing and Maths, and are in 100 languages – perfect for EAL families.

Imagine if every teacher could access just the right part of your internal guidance, at the moment they need it, without wading through the whole policy? Imagine if your subject leads could mentor every member of staff remotely, one-demand? It’s easy with our Curriculum Tools.

Surely you should be able to search every online education resource on the internet in seconds? Find exactly what each child needs. Even from site’s like BBC Bitesize that don’t have their own search function. Then share and evaluate in a click? With our new curated search engine – The Curriculum Lab – you can do exactly that from within Learning Ladders. Find any resource, matched to your existing plans, then share it via the remote learning portal and even track understanding with self-marking quizzes.

Why wait for issues to arise? Interrogate historical data trends and pinpoint likely issues before they happen.

The video is 30 minutes long so grab a coffee.


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