Further Information

School Support

We’re here for you, here to help. If you or any of your staff are unsure of any areas of Learning Ladders or you’d like to explore some new features – please reach out to us as we want you to be getting the most out of our software. Click on the ‘Help’ button to access our Help Centre and if you don’t find your answer, raise a ticket and we’ll get straight back to you. We have a range of tools to help you and your staff, from Help videos and articles, CPD sessions and Zoom calls.

Ladders at Home

Ladders at Home is the parent portal to Learning Ladders.

Parents can view their child’s progress across the curriculum that your school has created and view any pictures that have been uploaded of their child’s work. Our expert teachers write articles across a range of topics, explaining techniques and concepts to help parents support their child at home. These articles link directly to their child’s Learning Ladders.