Gap Analysis

For every pupil, view the granular detail of what they can and cannot do. Recognise their gaps in learning and plan for each pupil’s next steps.



Using the assessments, evidence and analysis information, Learning Ladders enables you to build a detailed picture of progress for every child.



Track the termly progress for each pupil, class, cohort and whole school against the curriculum expectations you have chosen to use.

In-depth tracking

Learning Ladders provides you with detailed analytics to support your classroom practices. In addition to viewing the individual curriculum statements your pupils are progressing through on a classroom level, you can track termly progress and age-related expectations alongside cohort and whole school performance.

Rather than data for data’s sake, Learning Ladders enables you to make informed decisions for your pupils using our analysis tools.

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Gap analysis tools in Learning Ladders

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"I like all the new additions, they certainly enhance the site especially the Gap Analysis and ability to print grids. The Grids look a really manageable way to work with children and parents"

— Paul Sutton, Deputy Head Teacher, Butlers Court School

Learning Ladders is a Social Enterprise set up by schools for schools.

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