Gap Analysis tools

For every pupil, view the precise details of what they can and cannot do. Recognise their gaps in learning and plan for each pupil’s next steps.

With your curriculum and assessment tools in the same place, you can easily see how pupils are progressing towards expected learning.

Gap Analysis tools in Learning Ladders

Visualise data, so you can focus on teaching & learning

Teachers need pupil progress data to inform their planning but they shouldn't have to spend hours creating reports. 

Help teachers to focus on delivering outstanding lessons by giving them access to powerful data that's updated in real-time. 

Using formative assessment information captured during lessons, teachers can instantly view attainment and progress over time. 

Visualise pupil progress data

Individual pupil progress data

Pulling data from teachers' judgements, Learning Ladders allows you to build a detailed picture of progress for every child. In just a few clicks, you can pull up their attainment data and see progress over time. 

Enable structured conversations about learning with pupils and parents by looking at easily understood tables, charts and graphs.

With every judgement mapped to your school's curriculum, you can easily show pupils what they need to do to meet their full potential. 


"I love the ethos of School Explained - it's not about making money, it's about making things right for schools and their families. It's about improving outcomes."

— Karen Edwards, Headteacher, The Heights Primary

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"Pupils are much more aware of what they're working towards. Lessons are far more tailored to the needs of individual pupils. It has even been fed back from one of our teachers that the new assessment system has revolutionised their teaching!"
Trish Watt, Deputy Headteacher
Hyde Park School