Wouldn’t it be great if end of year reports were;

  • Simple, quick and joyful for teachers to create
  • Highly personalised, capturing granular details for each child
  • Useful and meaningful for pupils and parents

Teachers report on average spending 35+ hours on their reports
- that’s 5 full working days!!


Customise for your school

Learning Ladders it's easy to completely customise to your own school. It works like this:

  • Add your school logo
  • Choose the subjects to be included
  • Choose any additional information you want to add (literally       
         anything!) - school values perhaps?

At the click of a button, you can import our award-winning curriculum from Hiltingbury Junior School.

Alternatively, why not try the standard National Curriculum or explore options from NAHT, or even specialist subjects such as Arabic and Islamic Studies that we've developed with local educational leaders, or create your own?

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The system will then automatically:

  • Pull in the key achievements of each child for each subject into
          their report
  • Suggest areas to work on next for each subject for each child
  • Add their portfolio (assuming T’s have used this during the year)
  • Allow pre-written or custom comments to be added by the
         Teacher and Pupil
  • Email the draft report(s) to SLT for comment, sign-off or to suggest
  • Automatically publish every report to parents at the click of a
         button, and make each report available to parents in any of 107
         different languages

Parents will get:

  • Highly personalised feedback for their child
  • Links to Portfolios of work to bring this to life
  • Links to our Learning Ladders Parent Tutorials so they can support
          learning at home
  • The ability to share to report with friends and family, as a pdf file

"As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centred, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals."

— Karen Edwards, Headteacher, The Heights Primary

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"The curriculum was of outstanding quality. It promoted progression and continuity in learning."
KHDA Inspection 2016
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