Award winning content

Designed by Hiltingbury Junior School and recognised by the DfE’s Assessment Innovation Competition 2014 for reading, writing and maths.


Customise your curriculum

Bespoke your curriculum for your school simply and easily. Adapt the content already included in Ladders or create your own curriculum statements and subject ladders.


Engage pupils

Pupils record progress in their individual booklets, can see their own learning journey and clearly identify their next steps, no matter their ability.

Bespoke Curriculum

Completely flexible to the curriculum you follow, schools can choose to use our curriculum statements or adapt and create their own. All Learning Ladders members can use the curriculum designed by Hiltingbury Junior School, recognised by the DfE’s Assessment Innovation Competition 2014. The ladders are derived from the National Curriculum 2014 for Years 1-6 and are broken into pupil friendly ‘I can’ statements (‘rungs’) making your curriculum manageable for every pupil. You can also use our Learning Ladders for science, geography, history, languages, EYFS and P-Scales.

No matter which Learning Ladders content you use, assess the curriculum that you feel is worth assessing.

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Curriculum tools in Learning Ladders

See what people say

"I like the ladders because it feels like I am going up. I can see what I have learnt and what I will need to do next."

— A pupil from Hiltingbury Junior School

Learning Ladders is a Social Enterprise set up by schools for schools.

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