We are pleased to be the lead sponsors for Optimus Education's Parent Conference 'Collaboration to Support Student Attainment' taking place in London on Tuesday 26th March 2019.

Why is this conference relevant?

‘A collaborative educational environment can build a community all working toward one common goal: increasing the students' positive outcomes’ -  Classroom, September 2017

More schools are working together as a gateway to improving progress and bettering community cohesion. Different types of school-to-school collaboration can provide a more enriching education, inspire positive change and create enthusiasm for learning in addition to saving resources and money. 

In addition, it is widely recognised that constructive parental involvement has a strong impact on a child’s development. When surveyed in 2017 by PTA UK, 98% of teachers agreed that parents and carers were a positive reinforcement in a child’s education. 

This event will explore collaboration and parental engagement and deliver solutions to empower your school community and ultimately improve your pupils’ attainment.

What can I expect?

In-depth keynotes with leading experts and a choice of workshops including: 

  • feasible and creative solutions that support hard-to-reach parents and carers
  • communication strategies that work for the whole school 
  • strategies to build long-standing and amicable collaborations with other schools
  • engaging partnership plans that ensure community cohesion.


Click below to buy your ticket now. Use the code 'LL_Collab' to get a £50 discount.*

*Discount only available until 5pm on 15th March 2019


“We use Ladders at Home to keep parents regularly informed about their children's progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. They can quickly see what the child has achieved during that half term at a time which is convenient for them.”


—Diana Massa, Assistant Headteacher, Hiltingbury Junior School

Bett Awards finalists

"Best whole-school system for teaching, learning and assessment"

"Best tool for home learning and parental engagement"