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The Discovery or Recovery Curriculum 
Are you Ready?

Everyone is feeling swamped right now, but this is the time to be planning for the 2020-21 academic year.  

How do schools collaborate to plan for a ‘Recovery Curriculum’, whilst maintaining a personalised approach that is responsive to the needs of their pupils? 

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How do we reduce the time spent on creating end of year reports?

As a former primary teacher, I spent hours and hours writing end of year pupil reports. It was the bain of most of my teacher's lives. I want to explore how we can improve this process.

How can we make this process simpler and wouldn't it be great if end of year reports were;

Teachers report on average spending 35+ hours on their reports - that's 5 full working days!



How to identify gaps in pupil knowledge?


The reintegration of children back into schools has begun and with it begins the next phase of planning: How do teachers effectively identify gaps in pupil’s knowledge?

Join the webinar for an exploration into strategies to build a picture of gaps within a ‘blended’ home and school learning environment. 

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Managing YOUR Curriculum

It’s that time of year again when conversations start moving toward Curriculum planning for the new academic year. Never before has this process been surrounded by such uncertainty.  

How do schools prepare for a Curriculum that meets the ever-changing needs of its pupils during this time?



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When teachers & parents work together magic happens for children.

In these unprecedented times, the importance of schools supporting and engaging parents has never been greater.  

Parents are facing monumental organisational challenges, with many juggling remote working, caring for children, and simultaneously keeping their child’s learning on track.

What can schools do to offer support to parents facing these immense pressures?



School Groups Only

As a school group, we completely understand that you want your schools to have autonomy over the systems that are using.

Matt Koster-Marcon will work with you during this session and show how this can be done, but still giving the reporting from a school by school basis.


Book a 30-minute consultation with Matt Koster-Marcon to create a CPD training session on your Recovery Curriculum. 


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