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Self-Marking Homework

What if homework could be easy for teachers to set and track while being engaging, specific and relevant for pupils? With our innovative school homework management system, you can create interesting homework tasks, share relevant resources and track pupils’ progress as they go – all in one place. Some key features of our system include:

A fast and flexible school homework management system

Our innovative school homework management system is designed to save teachers time when setting homework tasks. Using our portal, teachers can quickly set assignments to suit the needs of their class. It’s easy to assign subjects, due dates, and time goals that both you and your students can keep track of.

Attach helpful links and resources to make sure students can access all the information and resources they need at home with just a click. Parents can also easily view the content, support their child, and communicate with teachers.

Our all-in-one portal is the ultimate way to streamline the homework process and build strong communication around home-learning between teachers, pupils, and parents.

Save time with our self-marking homework option

Our self-marking homework management system takes the heavy lifting out of marking 30 pieces of homework (and anything that saves teachers time is a win in our book!).

Using our system, teachers can signal the correct answer for each question when they create multiple-choice or Yes/No questions in a homework task. Once a student completes the task, they’ll receive their score instantly at home via our self-marking technology.

Without the pressure of large amounts of marking, teachers can allocate more time to focus on other aspects of students’ work, such as free text answers. Teachers can also cover more curriculum content in their homework assignments, knowing that students will receive instant feedback and corrections.

Self-marked scores will provide quick and meaningful data for teachers, clearly flagging up which areas of a topic need more attention in the next class. This gives teachers more time to prepare and tailor their lessons to suit the needs of their class, in response to homework tasks.

Find and share high-quality resources with ease

Finding the right resource to share with pupils for home learning tasks is often the biggest drain on a teacher’s time. With our Curriculum Lab search tool, teachers can quickly and easily access hundreds of high-quality resources from our curated partners, including the BBC* and Oak Academy. With our school homework management system, teachers can be rest assured that all their sources are age-appropriate, relevant and approved for teaching.

Pupils can then easily access all the appropriate information they need to complete their assignments at home. This will help students feel confident in their research and reading, and allow them to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

Track each student’s progress as they go

Keeping track of pupil participation and following up tasks with constructive feedback can be difficult. Through our system, teachers can easily keep track of exactly how much progress pupils have made with each task. See who has completed each piece of work and who is struggling to finish the tasks in real-time. 

With our homework management system teachers can also view scores and percentages for both self-marked and teacher-marked work, all in one place. Having all of this data in one accessible portal makes it much easier to assess students’ understanding of a topic. Teachers can then give students prompt feedback to encourage them, or set further tasks to challenge them, depending on their performance.

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To find out more about our all-in-one school homework management system and how it can benefit your school, book a demo today.

*BBC Bitesize is only available in the United Kingdom

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Karen Edwards
Headteacher, The Heights Primary School
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As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centered, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals.

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