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A Flexible Early Years Model

What is your number one early years requirement as an international early years setting?

We’ve built the early years module that practitioners have been asking for.

Specific early years functionality for your curriculum design, assessment, and parent communication, in addition to the highly-rated tools Learning Ladders Primary is renowned for.

To get started, and to see the benefits for yourself, simply activate the early years module within your existing Learning Ladders system and create the ultimate transition-to-primary tool for early years practitioners. Alternatively, you can easily set it up as a standalone system for your Early Years setting.

Making informed professional judgements is easy when your assessments, observations and parental contributions are all in one system.

It’s as great as it sounds, and is the ONLY  tool created specifically in response to the updated statutory framework 2021.

Here are just seven reasons why early years practitioners are already loving our new module:

  1. Ability to import or design your own curriculum
  2. Customise your attainment and progress descriptors
  3. Translate observations, home learning and help articles for parents
  4. Improve transition with one whole school system for early years and primary 
  5. Easy to interpret, consistent reporting to SLT and governors 
  6. One Parent Communication tool for parents in both Early Years and Primary, no more multi-login for different systems
  7. Pre-written notes for practitioners to guide them through the new framework

Every teacher knows that the best transition is based on a continuation of learning, so we’ve kept this at the heart of our new early years module.

EYFS Module Web Page

What makes our early years module stand out from the rest?


Early years teachers know best – they know what they want children in their setting to learn, and the most effective ways to teach it.

Our module makes the most of this, by providing the tools that make it easier to communicate this information to senior leaders, teachers, parents and children.


Utilise the non-statutory Development Matters 2020 framework or import your own curriculum.


Ensure every child feels valued and use tools to design a curriculum that represents the interests and contexts or every unique child.


Create a central curriculum that’s visible for all year groups, with notes and resources for phase leaders to communicate pedagogy and best practice.


Set the foundation for perfectly pitched learning opportunities built from prior experiences.  

All features are geared towards making the transition between early years and primary seamless – meaning less upheaval and more success for your classes.

Time Saving

Automated migration from early years to primary means no hassle transition between systems.

Progress Accelerating

Never lose developmental information in a seperate system again. Year one teachers plan perfectly pitched lessons from day one.


Assessment, observations and parent communication remains visible for years to come. Children’s foundation learning is always important.


Reclaim your time to interact with children and record only meaningful information – we’re putting the child back at the centre of practice.


A choice of up to 4 attainment progress descriptors. A seperate assessment policy for the unique requirements of the foundation stage.

Workload Banishing

A no ‘tick list’ approach to assessment in line with recommendations from the latest frameworks (and no formative assessments required for individual objectives in the curriculum).


The same simple to create, visual reporting the foundation stage to bring early years in line with the rest of the school. There’s even the added bonus of a specific phase leader report for the early years phase leader.

Even our observations tools deliver above the rest:

  • Upload multiple files to each observation to monitor progress more effectively
  • Additional filtering tools for phase leaders in the Observation Manager 
  • Custom tags for phase leader monitoring against identified areas of improvement 
  • Observation Map providing a visible representation of the development recorded in your observation, against your bespoke curriculum objectives

Parent Partnerships

One easy-to-use system for parents, no more stressing over needing multiple logins to different platforms to support children in different phases

The new early years module integrates fully with other phases in the Learning Ladders system. This means parents can check in on how all their children are getting on – all on one system, no matter their age.


  • Observations both ways with two-way communications
  • Share articles to upskill parents

Establish long- lasting partnerships with parents and benefit from one whole school communication system with Ladders at Home.


One parent account from early years through primary, making progress visible for multiple siblings learning across different phases.


Tools for parents to share observations from home to create a holistic picture of development.


Remove barriers to parent involvement in learning with parent articles for every area of learning, translatable in 100+ languages.

“The best part is how you can personalise ladders to really reflect your setting and the curriculum implemented. We are very much looking forward to continuing our exploration of the new EYFS Learning Ladders platform as it simplifies things for our teachers and head teachers”
Sara Al-Aswad
Head of EYFS Smart Vision School, Dubai
“We are grateful that the Education team at Learning Ladders are quick to respond to queries and requests for help. We received support to create our own ladders to track progress and attainment in phonics, and will soon use this knowledge to create Spanish language ladders as we are a bilingual school”
Nicole Wait
Academic Director, The Casco School, Panama

Who is this Feature for?

  • SLT  
  • Teachers
Karen Edwards
Headteacher, The Heights Primary School
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As a head it ticks all the boxes. Children have ownership of Learning Ladders; it's pupil centered, it's all about outcomes, and it ensures home and school are working to the same goals.

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