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Oak National Academy Video Lessons within Learning Ladders

Schools in England will be familiar with the Oak National Academy, led and owned by Reach Academy in London. Oak Academy has funds from the UK government to produce around 10,000 videos of their teachers delivering lessons across most subjects and key stages. The intention is that Oak National Academy video lessons are available as

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Is it time to change the way we create end of year pupil reports?

As a former primary teacher who spent hours and hours writing end of year pupil reports, I couldn’t be more excited about our new Learning Ladders feature. This was planned anyway, but we’ve pushed launch forward in light of COV19 and the new need to collaborate remotely to create reports, as well as share them

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Books, apple, coloured pencils and ABC wooden blocks

Reducing Workload in Your School: 10 Strategies for Leaders

By now, it’s common knowledge that many teachers struggle with their workload. The UK government’s teacher workload survey found that teachers and middle leaders work 4.9 hours less in 2019 than they did in 2016. However, 21% reported that workload is still a ‘very serious problem.’  A high workload can have a big impact on

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Key Stage 2 English Papers.

What is the Common Assessment Framework?: Explained for 2021

What is the Common Assessment Framework for Child Protection?  The common assessment framework (CAF) is a process used to identify children’s unmet needs and support them. Using the CAF, an assessor works with the child and their parents or carers to understand the issues at hand and then formulates an action plan to provide the

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Tips on Engaging Hard-to-Reach Parents to Get Them More Involved

Tips on Engaging Hard-to-Reach Parents to Get Them More Involved It’s been well established that engaging parents or guardians more in their child’s education and school life can help every child achieve greater academic success. However, you might find that it’s difficult to engage some parents with your school’s events and day-to-day activities.  Focussing on

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parent reading story with child.

Engaging with Non-English-Speaking Parents

Engaging with Non-English Speaking Parents Reaching out and engaging with non-English speaking parents can be really difficult for teachers. If you have pupils who have English as an additional language (EAL), their parents may have a limited understanding of English. If you have an interpreter, it can be much easier to communicate efficiently, but if

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Teachers making notes from data.

Using Process Data in Schools to Improve Outcomes

How Do You Use Data in Schools? Data skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Knowing how to use data effectively can be difficult to master, and on top of that, turning raw figures into concise, readable reports is a skill in itself. In the education system, working with data can be unavoidable, as it often

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What is summative and formative assessment?: Explained

Can’t tell your summative assessment from your formative assessment? Never fear, our answers are here! What is summative assessment? Summative assessment is an assessment done at the end of a specified period of time. It is to assess a learner’s understanding or attainment. Summative assessment may take the form of a formal test or exam,

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EYFS 2020 On Entry Assessment Module by Melanie Evans

As the newest member of the Learning Ladders team (with a teaching background), I have jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the team working on the new EYFS On Entry Assessment- even more so after learning of Jan Dubiel’s involvement.   During my time in Early Years I’ve seen the reincarnation of Learning

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