Ensure parents know exactly how to help
during the Coronavirus disruption.

If your school is closed, or is likely to close, we understand that you will need to find a way to ensure adults at home are able to effectively support childrens’ learning.

We understand that online and remote learning will simply not be enough, especially in Primary schools.

We recognise that Learning Ladders is uniquely positioned to quickly upskill parents so they can support their children at home with their Reading, Writing and Maths, as the only system that connects in-school learning with pre-witten at-home parent tutorials.  

Learning Ladders Parental Support


Accordingly we are offering a version of the Learning Ladders system, including access to our unique Parent Tutorials for Reading, Writing and Maths across the whole primary curriculum, to schools for the rest of the academic year*, free of charge.**

This special version of Learning Ladders will enable schools to quickly and easily share hundreds of our pre-written short tutorials with parents, which explain how to help with every aspect of the curriculum for Reading, Writing and Maths.

No matter what other systems you use, whatever schemes of work or remote learning systems you adopt, Learning Ladders can be used in conjunction with theses to upskill parents so they are able to effectively support their children during the closures.

We hope this goes some way to help schools and their communities.

How it works



Please ask the school's Headteacher or Deputy to complete the application form at the bottom of this page.



They will then be emailed an ‘Order Form’ (within 48 hours) which they should sign online - this covers the full T&C and details like data protection policies.

Get started

Get started

Once signed they will then be emailed login details (within 48 hours) and access to online training materials.

Take up the offer today

Key Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for Primary, Junior and Infant schools (or Primary departments) who follow the English National Curriculum. It is not for parents or students directly.
  • Access is from today until 30th June 2020 (Subject to our Terms and Conditions).
  • You must have your student and parent data in a commercial MIS system, either SIMS, iSAMS, Arbor, ScholarPack or RM (so that we can easily import it) 
  • Online training materials will be provided, which will be more than sufficient to setup and use the system. Unfortunately we cannot offer schools using this free option access to our usual unlimited member support helpdesk (but you can upgrade if you wish).
  • The free version is not the full Learning Ladders system.  You can upgrade at a later date if you wish, or to sign up for the full system now please book a demo
  • We will ask that you pay £200 towards an API link to sync Learning Ladders with your MIS data automatically.  This will mean all your student and parent data is imported automatically. We are not able to offer the free version without this integration.

Learning Ladders Free of Charge Sign Up

Sign Up to the free of charge Learning Ladders offer, up to and including 30 June 2020

Please provide your full name and title

Please provide your job title in the school you are requesting access to Learning Ladders for

Please provide the schools full name

We need the schools URN/DfE number to ensure we have the right school.

Please confirm which MIS the school uses. This is to help setting the school up as quickly as possible.

Please indicate the number of pupils you have on role